Did Sebastian Stan Just Reveal Some Major 'Avengers: Infinity War' Cameos?

Scarlett Johansson at Avengers Infinity War premiere

Did Sebastian Stan Just Reveal Some Major 'Avengers: Infinity War' Cameos?

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Writers Chris Marcus and Steve McFeeley gave the cryptic clue during a set tour news.com.au attended at the Marvel headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, in December. We also know that Black Panther and Captain Marvel will be a big part of Phase 4, but unlike previous years, Marvel hasn't announced any new spinoffs. Yet. "And so you want it to all tie together". We have Anil Kapoor replacing Robert Downey Jr.as Iron Man aka Tony Stark (imagine Anil keep mouthing Jhakaas every time he got better of his opponents).

McFeeley said the freedom they received from the studio allowed for "some really good storytelling".

However, we aren't that optimistic as to how this will play out, thanks to scenes of Thor screaming in pain as Thanos crushes his head.

"If the Russos did take a crack at the title, there's also the possibility that they would use the bare bones storyline but make something new - their version of "Civil War" took plenty of liberties with that series and "Infinity War" looks like it's going to do the same", SyFy Wire reported.

But don't reach for the tissues just yet. Earlier Avengers: Infinity War was scheduled to release in India, one week ahead of its United States release on 27 April, but now it is releasing on the same day worldwide. Strange, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Heimdall and, from "Guardians of the Galaxy", stalwarts Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Nebula, Mantis, Groot and Rocket.

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That said, the writers promise that each film stands on its own.

They battled to save the world from evil Loki (Thor's brother).

Explaining the psyche of Thanos, the actor added: "Thanos is undoubtedly the most powerful entity and villain the world has ever seen - he is virtually indestructible". It's clear from the trailers that he has obtained the Infinity Gauntlet, a big glove that holds all of the Infinity Stones so they can be used to essentially rule the universe.

For the usual price of just $2 Dollars, players will be able to put on Thanos' shoes and walk a mile in his footsteps.

While Evans made a point to say that his current contract would expire after Avengers 4, he did leave the door slightly open for a return to the role.

"You're paying for a ticket to go see a movie - for some people, it might cost up to $20". So, what attracts him towards dark characters?

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