God of War Prototype Video Shows The Greenlight Version

Unless you scrubbed the game thoroughly exploring every nook and cranny for extra content, it's possible you managed to finish the game and see it's rather emotionally charged finale. The people who write code, create art and compose music have gotten older and wiser. Also they used fan anticipation properly.

Still, after eight rounds I was wondering what the new God of War just released on PlayStation 4 would offer.

At least when it comes to recent mega-smash God Of War, Sony Santa Monica has our backs.

Some enemies will engage Kratos in dialogue, there are some famous Nordic characters to engage and strategies need to be devised, but either way, Kratos will endure and overcome in the most blood-quenching way.

God of War is available now. With Sony's monumental exclusive title from Santa Monica Studios having only been out for a few days now, the internet is flooded with streaming videos, tweets, and guides of all kinds. That said, it's up to the player to assess what's most important; do you keep an enemy immobilised, or is better to have the axe in-hand?

Just Kratos being Kratos - getting enemies' blood all over the place.

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At the time of writing, I have yet to play the game, but other video game journalists in the industry have claimed that the game has brought them, literally, to tears.

The final panel of Faye's etchings - that Atreus doesn't see, but Kratos does - is Kratos lying dead, with Atreus hearing his dying words.

Sending him into the known rage that made him one-dimensional as a character.

Using these moves in concert takes some adjustment, but it shouldn't be too hard. Weapons and armour can be upgraded, with a relatively socketing system in play.

Once you have the ability to use them, the Mystic Gateways glow with light. Destroy that something! They usually contain consumables like health and spartan rage runes. Not only is Kratos' latest adventure the best-looking game in the series so far, it's also the very first to support 4K visuals. At the beginning, the two seem distant, and the boy is nearly like a ranged weapon. Atreus notices he's referred to as Loki. That familial connection coming through in gameplay is what nudges this game to another level. Introducing Kratos' son Atreus, Barlog and co. have reinvented God of War while keeping the bearded brute front-and-center. Further still, Atreus and Kratos are in a foreign land that is Scandinavia. The brilliance of the Leviathan Axe is that Kratos can throw it and have it return like a boomerang. By doing quests and other activities in the game, you are bound to get more experience points that you can use to maximize the level of your weapon. Even if gamers don't run the game in its higher-resolution mode, however, God of War still has plenty of polish at 1080p, and no doubt players will appreciate the balance between framerate and detail that running God of War in standard high definition will provide. Atreus will also accompany Kratos in combat, serving both as a distraction and later as a formidable ally. The former Ghost of Sparta is convinced there was a reason for the secrecy, that she sent the two there knowing they'd find the truth for themselves.

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