Is Amazon Secretly Building A Home Robot?

Amazon is rumored to be developing a robot for the home akin to an'Alexa on wheels. A project codenamed'Vesta is reportedly overseeing development of the device

Is Amazon Secretly Building A Home Robot?

With that in mind, here's a quick scan of what Amazon already has as a robot stack of software. By connecting your smartphone, other smart home appliances and Amazon Echo speakers, Amazon would make your home, a Smart Home.

The Vesta project is in the hands of Amazon's Lab126, which developed the company's Echo and Fire TV products.

The Robot is named as Vesta and is named after the Greek Goddess of hearth, home and family.

Amazon is working in earnest on domestic robots, Bloomberg reports.

Despite being a robot, Vesta is completely separate from projects at Amazon Robotics, a subsidiary formed from Kiva Systems in 2012 that works on warehouse automation systems.

The top secret'Vesta project is said to be overseen by Amazon's Lab126 division. The unit also developed hardware like the firm's line of Echo devices the Kindle and the ill-fated Fire phone
Is Amazon Secretly Building A Home Robot?

We'd also think that a self-driving (or self-flying drone) home robot should be equipped with some sort of security feature.

Already, prototypes feature advanced cameras and computer vision software, allowing the robot to move around a home like a self-driving auto, presumably aware of the surroundings and avoiding obstacles. Apparently this project is very hush-hush and has been fermenting for a few years. It has recently been trying to hire more robotics engineers.

If all Vesta does is act as a mobile Alexa, that fails to live up to its billing as a "domestic" robot. As of now, Amazon won't comment on rumors or speculation. Most likely this'll be something like the Kuri robot which rolls around the home acting as a security camera when you're away, reading children stories at bedtime and more. LG introduced three new additions to its CLOi robot brand: Serving Robot, Porter Robot and Shopping Cart Robot. Sony demonstrated a new version of a robotic dog called Aibo, which it sold a version of until the mid-2000s after first unveiling the concept about 20 years ago. AndNowUKnow will continue to report with more on the future of our industry.

Though, it is worth noting how much something like this can cost an average consumer. It's also a likely place for Apple to get into home robots, too.

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