Marvel's Infinity Stones And Their Other Fandom Equivalents



Personally, I am 98% convinced that Avengers: Infinity War is Robert Downey Jr.'s last appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Iron Man - which rounds up to 100%. So that led us to a very specific story with him that, as I've said before is a long play, not a short play.

"If there's a good reason for it, they were up for anything", Marcus said. One moment in the original Iron Man movie made me realize I was in for something special. Our heroes may be stronger united than they are apart, but only a few can earn the top spots.Let's find out who really reigns supreme.

Markus: I mean, I sort of remember him saying in the conference room one day something like, are we talking about a Thanos biopic? Part of that is in his nature, part of that is just to keep his sanity, and that all kind of goes out the window a little bit after [Civil War].

But don't reach for the tissues just yet. This upcoming blockbuster will feature a who's who lineup of Marvel heroes, and finally give fans the epic showdown with Thanos they've been waiting for. That's what makes Spider-Man such a joy to watch. Odd. "I like that we'll be sitting in our own's just going to be a thrill to watch it for the first time".

What are the Infinity Stones? He was the villain of The Avengers where he was responsible for basically a genocide. Even more surprising, he mentioned he was the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Some of the expressions being used while marketing Avengers: Infinity War are "the end", "culmination of everything", "it all ends here", "final battle" and so on. Iron Man had some buzz around it, but nothing near the anticipation a Marvel movie receives now.

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Fans felt that the Black Order appeared to be weak, as oppose to the tough character built in the comics.

For the usual price of just $2 United States dollars, players will be able to put on Thanos' shoes and walk a mile in his footsteps.

"He thinks the universe should look one particular way. The entire concept of a sprawling, multi-franchise universe on this scale is something audiences had never seen before, and that creates a must-see event aura".

Anthony and Joe Russo, who directed "The Winter Soldier" and "Civil War", directed "Avengers: Infinity War" and will direct its sequel. Given that Mackie couldn't say too much with the high level of secrecy surrounding the highly anticipated film, his summary left Fallon with more questions than answers.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters this Friday. But if you're not familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) or have forgotten some of the more important details, I promise it'll be okay.

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