Viral photo shows passengers incorrectly wearing oxygen masks

The National Transportation Safety Board is onsite inspecting a Southwest airline plane after engine failure caused the plane to make an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport

Viral photo shows passengers incorrectly wearing oxygen masks

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Southwest Airlines Co clashed with engine-maker CFM over the timing and cost of proposed inspections after a 2016 engine accident, months before the explosion this week of a similar engine on a Southwest jet that led to the death of a passenger, public documents showed.

"I just remember holding my husband's hand, and we just prayed and prayed and prayed", said passenger Amanda Bourman of New York.

CFM said it sent experts to help National Transportation Safety Board investigators. The woman sitting next to the window was wearing a seat belt, but passengers said she was partially blown out of the plane.

ABC News obtained copies of the letter passengers received. She said the company had satisfied the terms of the CFM service bulletin but did not immediately answer questions about how many engines had been inspected and whether the failed engine had been inspected.

Friends at Shults' church in Boerne, Texas said Wednesday they were not surprised after listening to the recording and reading media reports about her actions. She was an executive for Wells Fargo where colleagues considered her a natural and effective leader. She later died, and seven others were injured. Similarly, if you accidentally compared higher growth firms with LUV, investors would also value LUV at a lower price since it is a lower growth investment. It appears we are going down! The broken blade tore up the engine and threw debris against the plane, breaking a window. Investigators found that the blade had suffered metal fatigue at the point of the break.

As investigations into the incident continue, Southwest declined to comment to MONEY about its plans for compensating the survivors. The most recent one that made news was Air France in September, when an Air France Airbus A380 made an emergency landing in Goose Bay, Canada.

"In a catastrophic airplane accident, usually if you can walk away from it they will often count it as a minor injury", Johnson said.

The FAA mandate will require inspections of CFM56-7B engines that have flown a certain number of times.

Southwest already announced it is starting an "accelerated inspection" of its fleet after the deadly failure, and other airlines have announced their own inspection plans.

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"There's a ring around the engine that's meant to contain the engine pieces when this happens", Goglia said.

Passengers commended one of the pilots, Tammie Jo Shults, for her handling of the emergency.

The flight was bound to Dallas from New York's LaGuardia airport on a twin-engine Boeing 737.

"The chances are that you're going to have a safe and comfortable flight", Mr Laurie explains.

How important is the demonstration advice?

It is always advisable to keep your seatbelt on when seated in case of the outside chance that something unusual, like unexpected turbulence, occurs suddenly.

Oxygen masks are dropped when an aircraft cabin loses pressure. But one flight that landed in Cincinnati skidded off the runway during a snowstorm. The NTSB said a fan blade had broken off, apparently because of metal fatigue.

Shults was one of the first female fighter pilots in the U.S. Navy.

The accident caused the first passenger death on a Southwest flight ever, and the first on a U.S. commercial airline since 2009.

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