Migrant caravan planning to cross border into US

Migrant caravan planning to cross border into US

Migrant caravan planning to cross border into US

Del Cueto lamented that immigration lawyers from the United States have gone to Mexico to "coach these individuals on how to pretty much laugh at our immigration laws".

Members of the caravan who are planning to request asylum, the Times reported, "spent Friday and Saturday at legal orientations to understand their rights and what to expect when they enter the USA port of entry". Critics of the caravan contend that most migrants are driven not by a need for asylum but a desire to find better jobs and lives in the United States.

The caravan has angered Trump for weeks.

An attorney working for a caravan of Central Americans has expressed disbelief that USA authorities say they can not process more asylum seekers at the San Diego border crossing until its backlog eases.

It was not clear how long it might take for the initial group to be seen by USA border officials. But numerous people crossing the border these days are Central American children and families, who aren't as easy to deport - and generally can't be detained for long.

US officials have said the nation's busiest border crossing can hold about 300 people at a time.

Almost 200 Central American migrants attempting to seek asylum in the United States have been told they will have to wait until a border facility near San Diego has enough space to accommodate them.

Almost 80 percent of asylum-seekers passed the initial screening from October through December, the latest numbers available, the AP said, but few are likely to eventually win asylum.

Why is President Donald Trump so upset about it? But the diminished version of the caravan that has arrived here, mostly women and children, has only underscored its meekness.

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USA border authorities said on Saturday that some people associated with the caravan had already been caught trying to slip through, the fence and encouraged the rest to report to authorities.

Despite all this, President Trump has continued to portray people on the border as desperate for a wall to be built, saying on March 13, "the state of California is begging us to build walls in certain areas". Migrants have a right to apply for asylum, whether or not they get detained in the process.

In a statement, CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said that "we have reached capacity at the San Ysidro port of entry". Bachan says that she then tries to find other portions of U.S. law that might make for a better asylum case.

Some of the migrants are sick and you can hear them coughing as they try to sleep. Central Americans face an uphill battle when seeking asylum in the U.S. NPR's Eyder Peralta reports that in 2010, 9 out of 10 Hondurans and Salvadorans are denied asylum, as well as 8 out of 10 Guatemalans.

Caravan organizers gave the migrants a final briefing Sunday that was closed to the media before they head to the nation's busiest border crossing to seek asylum. "If not, we've already waited through a month of torture with Donald Trump". The crush has created a backlog of roughly 700,000 asylum cases and a wait time of at least two years. Many plan to hunt asylum on the San Diego crossing on Sunday.

The migrants were cheered on the San Diego side by U.S. immigration activists. Around him, groups of people with backpacks and bundles of blankets were waiting for their chance to ask United States immigration authorities for asylum. The border jumpers are held until they are identified and processed, although some are also sent to jail. Some climbed the wall to sit or wave signs under the watchful eyes of U.S. Border Patrol agents.

"At this time, I don't have a timeline for when that will be", her statement said. She left her son, 9, with his father in Honduras, and fled with their daughters, ages 7 and 2.

In reality, California is suing to stop Trump's wall, and the people there - just like the people in every border state and nearly every border county - are overwhelmingly opposed to the wall.

Trump has also called on the Mexican government to stop the caravan before it reaches the border. She hoped to move in with a sister in San Francisco.

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