New Westworld Season 2 Theories From Episode 2, "Reunion"

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ITV MAGIC Bobby Crush was Liberace on Last Laugh in Vegas

Unabia told The Huffington Post in 2016 she was surprised to learn she had a small role in season one of the show; she said it was "so cool to find that I am a character on Westworld unbeknownst to me!" He's is a completely different character in season two, going from a grim, joyless killer to a grim, joyful killer, but as good as he was in the first season, watching him revel in playing the game now that the stakes are real is better still.

What happened to James Delos?

Because of that, I'm not putting specific dates to the timelines.

"Do you know what saved me?" "Welcome to the world", Arnold says. If humans were repeatedly killing the park's sophisticated androids in the name of research, or as some sort of preparation for modern warfare, then at least there might be some sort of objective to their behavior, even if that goal wasn't a terribly attractive one. Guests are not allowed at this time.

Anthony Hopkins makes an appearance, Arnold tells Ford that Dolores is not ready, and Ford suggests that he's too attached to her.

Ford: Ford remains the catalyst of most things that are happening in this season, even as Dolores begins to make her own decisions.

- Logan gets a demonstration of Westworld technology at a swank cocktail party.

Maeve and Dolores cross paths.

Along with the display, Arnold took Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) to visit his house, which was being built in the city and would be "near" his work.

We also see William interacting with Dolores after his "revelation" that their original meeting - a seemingly accidental dropping of a tin can - was actually part of her program created to make him feel chivalrous. Clearly, that's not Bernard Lowe but Arnold Weber, the co-creator of Westworld. Nothing can go wrong! On the lighter end of the spectrum, Delos could be using the information as a tool of manipulation: As William told his father-in-law, the park is the "the only place in the world where you get to see people for who they really are", and given that its free-range debauchery nearly always leads to sex and murder, it's not hard to see how that could lend itself to blackmail. How long this character knew William is unknown.

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Westworld has fans searching Reddit for all sorts of clues and theories about the new season on HBO. In the past, young William reunited with Dolores after using his life-changing experience in the park to win the favor of James Delos, take control of the company and extensively invest in Westworld.

Up until now fans had only seen a photo of William's wife Juliet Delos (Claire Unabia) and heard her mentioned in conversation as well as learning of her untimely demise.

The backstory that has been revealed about the park is already tied to the backstory of the Man in Black. While she is on the verge of commanding the desperadoes, she wasn't able to recruit Maeve. Because this is Westworld, her daughter is murdered in cold blood by a jerk. The game is just for the Man in Black. The editing style of this episode - specifically, how it cuts from her memories to the present-day scenes of her revolution - implies that she remembers everything about those traumatic moments.

- The park is still open, somehow, likely due to an infusion of cash from the William-led Delos.

- Teddy dies. A lot.

The nice thing here is that last season played out more like a puzzle, as we've discussed. What the heck, show? So Dolores is well aware of the nature of her reality. More on that in a bit. But Dolores is not killing for killing's sake.

For all his machismo, the Man in Black is a lonely guy and feels like he can't take on his new mission without reuniting with his old pal Lawrence. To do that they must forcibly wake the hosts up from their collective dream.

- Bernard and Delos employees discover hundreds of dead hosts in the water, and Bernard says that he killed them all.

Westworld airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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