First look at Uber's flying taxi models

The proposed rotor system would be the first to use stacked co-rotating rotors or propellers

The proposed rotor system would be the first to use stacked co-rotating rotors or propellers

Uber said it was not looking for tax breaks or local incentives, but was keen to work with cities which can work to bring the project to market as quickly as possible. Uber must stop self-driving vehicle service in SF until it gets permitThe flying taxis would use helicopter-style rotors for takeoff and landing, but use fixed wings over longer distances.

Constructing the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) infrastructure demands expertise in a number of fields, as well as in those fields where NASA traditionally has not much of a background in. As per the whitepaper (PDF), vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft of Uber will use electric propulsion such that they would have zero emissions, will be autonomous, and be quiet enough to function in busy cities. In the meantime, the company has teased the public, visualizing how it would feel to ride in Uber's version of Korben Dallas.

LOS ANGELES, USA - It's not a bird, nor a plane. "There's unbelievable headroom to improve on urban mobility".

The space agency just announced today that they've signed an agreement with Uber Technologies to share plans for urban air mobility (UAM), which is a fancy way of saying "flying machines designed for cities".

Nasa and Uber have inked a pact to travel around putting flying taxis in the skies over U.S. cities as TOI reported.

The agreement between the two will see the space agency running airspace management computer modeling and simulation to assess the impacts of small aircraft in crowded areas.

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"This is the new era in air transportation that NASA and a community of government, industry and academic partners are working together on, right now", NASA reports.

The issue of self-driving vehicles is a sensitive one for Uber, due to an accident involving an Uber autonomous auto that killed a pedestrian in Arizona in March. It now appears that the car's sensors detected the woman but recognised her as a "false positive" and made a decision not to swerve.

The passenger experience on UberAir. Uber said it expects to launch the time-saving air taxi service within five years.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi also opened up about the project in an interview with CBS This Morning.

In the meantime, it's called on NASA to help build realistic simulations of flying taxis during busy air traffic.

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