Google unveils Android P beta with gesture navigation & smart features

Google Lens will be integrated in the cameras of future Android phones

Google unveils Android P beta with gesture navigation & smart features

This positioning for Google as the kinder, more careful AI-champion isn't particularly new or surprising for the company.

"This is by far the most powerful feature of the app and provides a whole new way to dig into the news", he said.

Google I/O 2018 is here. Starting now, Google's voice assistant has six new voices, including a gender neutral option and one from John Legend.

The technology giant demonstrated the AI phoning a hair salon and a restaurant and interacting with real people to make bookings during its annual I/O developer conference in California. Phones will also learn how to adjust the user's screen brightness by studying their manual adjustments.

For instance, an app that has support for 30 languages can include strings for all 30 of those languages in one file, but when the user goes to download it, they can choose to only download it in their language of choice and save bandwidth on the other 29 they won't use.

At this year's Google I/O, Google announced its all-new Google News app - replacing Google Play Newsstand on mobile and desktop, along with the Google News & Weather app on mobile.

To hear it, you'll obviously need to be using the second Android P preview build, as well as using a Pixel of some sort. Amazon recently added a similar feature.

Google is working on artificial intelligence (AI) technology that is able to make phone calls on behalf of users to confirm reservations and appointments. It has been challenging Google more frequently by launching that services duplicate what Google already offers on Android.

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Google Maps: Google will use augmented reality to help guide you to your destination.

Developers can now upload their apps and games as a new APK model called "App Bundles". You can also customize it by choosing to see less or more of a given topic.

We still don't have an official name for Android P, but if you have the right device you can give it a try today.

I don't care who you are, that's awesome. Google is also unveiling ways to let you issue multiple commands without having to say "Hey Google" each time. An optional Google Assistant feature will reward polite kids with replies, such as "Thanks for saying please", "What a nice way to ask me", and "You're very polite".

"That phone call was kind of cool", says Noah Mallin, head of experience, content and sponsorships at Wavemaker.

There are lots of Android P features that are more subtle but welcome, including Adaptive Battery for saving you juice. Some new features for Android phones also aim to improve people's digital well-being, including a new "shush" mode that automatically turns on the "Do Not Disturb" function if someone flips their phone face down on a table.

"To help you understand habits, focus on what matters, switch off and wind down".

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