'Avengers: Infinity War' is the fastest movie to earn $1 billion worldwide

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Epic Games

Hulk wasn't even in that battle because Bruce Banner was too busy battling with the Hulk himself. Unfortunately, the Bradley Cooper-voiced raccoon didn't translate the meaning behind his buddy's last expression, as he usually does.

Shield cap decreased from 300 to 200.

While speaking with Comicbook.com, the directors confirmed that Adam Warlock, who was teased in one of the five end-credits scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, will not appear in Avengers 4.

Hey, did you notice that Scarlet Witch's accent magically disappeared in Avengers: Infinity War?

If you don't get chance to nab the Gauntlet when it first spawns, don't worry. First and foremost, a meteor carrying the Infinity Gauntlet will land somewhere on the map shortly after the match begins. At that point, Thanos appears in an alternate reality where Gamora can be seen as a child. You'll have to pick off people one by one but that doesn't mean that you can't quickly turn around to deal some damage to other players and potentially bump them off.

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Should you manage to kill Thanos, you'll be able to put on the Infinity Gauntlet and become the Mad Titan yourself. It starts with the storm circle already closing in over the island, and it the storm does more damage than normal. Only five films have ever hit the $100 million-mark in their second weekends. Characters you love die in this movie, yes, but there is always that sneaking suspicion in the back of your mind. Are they really dead, or is this just another trick? Thankfully, for those hoping to win a round as Thanos, that health bar has been buffed from 700 to 800.

Despite these incredibly successful films and excluding Tuesday's move in the stock, Disney had underperformed the broad markets, with the stock down about 8.5% in the past 52 weeks. Likewise, being clobbered full on by an asteroid hardly phases Iron Man.

As for Thanos' powers, he has a punch that knocks back opponents and destroys structures, a super jump that vaults him over most obstacles, shields that regenerate when an enemy is defeated, an area ground attack, and a Power Stone attack.

"The phenomenal response to Avengers: Infinity War reinforces that with every release, Marvel's fan-base is only getting bigger; cutting across gender, boundaries and age-groups".

The following article is packed with major spoilers. Fans speculated that Thanos was inside the Soul Stone, a place where heroes have been trapped before in the comic book.

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