Patch for April 2018 Update sends Windows 10 into infinite boot loop

Patch for April 2018 Update sends Windows 10 into infinite boot loop

Patch for April 2018 Update sends Windows 10 into infinite boot loop

Sets now has an acrylic title bar, for all of you who see/appreciate Microsoft's new Fluent Design.

The new clipboard is now available to developers in a new insider preview build of Windows 10. This build looks to improve on the Sets feature, which allows you to collapse separate windows into tabs in a single window, as well as other features.

There is also a notable fix for a vulnerability in Exchange server you may want to review and deploy as well. Tabs now also restore faster.

The Redmond giant added a bunch of improvements to Sets which will definitely make this feature even more popular among users.

Users can enable or change the settings of this new feature under the "Clipboard" setting in the System settings.

At Build, the company revealed that the next Insider build of Windows 10 will not only let you Alt-Tab between running programs, but also browser tabs.

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Additional features, including the imminent Microsoft Launcher app on Android to support businesses, among other Microsoft 365 experiences can be read here. In the Build 17666, you can simply highlight any words or phrases in Notepad and be able to trigger searches powered by Bing.

Meanwhile Adobe has also shipped a new Flash Player update that addresses a single (but critical) security weakness with its much maligned media player. These subtle changes include shadow effects which will create more depth in apps across the whole interface followed by modernized context menus. Microsoft has promised regular updates to Search Previews in the future. The revenue structure will apply to apps for Windows 10, Windows 8.x, Windows Mixed Reality, Windows Phone, and Surface Hub. The names will be viewable in medium, wide, or large-sized view.

To further restrict its applicability, the new fee structure only applies to individual purchases.

On top of this, we don't yet know whether the new behavior will be optional. OneNote would be the first app to come with this design element. Not to mention, Microsoft is adding new shadow effects as well.

Also, the update includes additions to the navigation guidelines such as a newer placement for the back button.

As seen in the featured image above, there are three density options to choose from- Spacious, Medium, and Compact.

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