Sen Cantwell Files Petition to Force Net Neutrality Vote

Sen Cantwell Files Petition to Force Net Neutrality Vote

Sen Cantwell Files Petition to Force Net Neutrality Vote

"We're now one step away from allowing the American public to see where their elected officials stand on protecting their internet service", said Schumer, as the Democrats formally launched an effort to restore the regulations scrapped a year ago by the Federal Communications Commission.

Mrs. Sanders said the White House wants to see Congress take action to ensure fair rules for everyone, rather than the FCC through its rule-making process. Pai could have allowed the primary portions of the repeal to take effect earlier, but he made a decision to wait for the OMB to sign off on a new version of the transparency rules that require ISPs to publicly disclose network management practices.

When Facebook was created, Mark Zuckerberg did not have to pay internet providers extra fees and he did not need to ask any permission to add the site to their networks. After hearing arguments for and against using the CRA to restore net neutrality, 58 percent of voters oppose its use for this goal, and only 38 percent support it. To obtain a majority, net neutrality's senate proponents must obtain one more vote. This openness online has been possible because our net neutrality rules prevented internet service providers from discriminating against certain people, content, platforms, and websites by charging more for equal access.

The chamber's 49 Democrats support it, as does the one Republican who joined them in pushing for a vote on the FCC rule, Sen.

"Our intent is to have it pass in the Senate, the momentum is building", he said.

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Minnesotans in rural communities across our state are at risk of losing their access to a free and open internet.

The Senate will likely pass the vote by a slim margin, but the House of Representatives - which is predominantly Republican - will then probably vote it down.

The announcement comes on the heels of a move yesterday in the Senate to force a vote on repealing that same order under the terms of the Congressional Review Act (CRA). "Now, on June 11, these unnecessary and harmful Internet regulations will be repealed and the bipartisan, light-touch approach that served the online world well for almost 20 years will be restored". Even if by some unusual occurrence it were to go through the House, President Trump would likely veto the bill. The regulation that forced carriers to treat all content the same was killed by the Trump-era FCC led by its president Ajit Pai. The issue could become a rallying cry in midterm congressional elections this fall. That vote repealed the 2015 Open Internet Rules, which were enacted under President Obama after years of wrangling over the issue.

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