Raazi Movie Review: Alia Bhatt sets benchmark as a 'Patriot'

Alia Bhatt plays a Kashmiri undercover agent in Raazi

Alia Bhatt plays a Kashmiri undercover agent in Raazi

Mumbai (Maharashtra), May 11 (ANI): Alia Bhatt will be back on the silver screen after a pretty huge gap.

Raazi is a must watch as Meghna Gulzar crafts a riveting film with nail biting yet intense and poignant moments. Her friends and the industry, Karan Johar, Swara Bhasker, and her co-star Vicky Kaushal were few o the celebrities who attended the special screening of "Raazi".

Meghna said she felt the need of establishing the socio-political context as a part of the narration to give the audience a clear picture. So she can operate as an undercover spy and pass on classified and relevant information to the Indian intelligence.

As it seems with the brazenness with which the lead character (Alia Bhatt; what a consistently dazzling talent) in this film goes about her work as an Indian spy, living as a housewife, operating right inside the Rawalpindi official residence of her father-in-law, a Pakistani top-brass military officer, deep within a cantonment, while being married to a young bloke (Vicky Kaushal) who, like his brother, is a Pak Army man himself!

But then Meghna Gulzar's Raazi is precisely opposed to these binaries of good Indians, bad Pakistanis; and the even more insidious binary of good Muslim, bad Muslim.

A Delhi University girl follows her father's footsteps and decides to become a spy in Pakistan. "When you are talking to Alia, she is just real and as real as she can get". Based on Harinder Sikka's novel Calling Sehmat, the film is based on a true story of a Kashmiri girl Sehmat who gets married into a Pakistani family and becomes a spy for India. Instead, her soft face crumbles into tears - a moment of weakness that characterises the film's confusion over whether it approves of Sehmat's sacrifice or not. Without revealing anything, he said, "I am dying to talk about my character (laughs) but I have been told to wait". It has an exciting stimulation of wanting to know what's next store for you.

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Watching her tease Badrinath, her suitor, in Badrinath Ki Dulhania about his command over simple interest and compound interest was charming. She impresses with each scene, rather with each shot. Sehmat is the name the author bestowed on her. The much-anticipated film created a lot of buzz on the internet much before its release, thanks to the captivating trailer and Alia Bhatt's stellar performance.

Dear Zindagi was perhaps the closest she could come to portraying characters she might have seen growing up - that gnawing emptiness in many youngsters today, otherwise born to privilege. She made "Talwar" based on the Arushi Talwar murder case, and her latest work "Raazi" is no different. He is simply the next superstar. Alia Bhat with every outing is proving her wonderful talent.

Jaideep Ahlawat as Sehmat's trainer/commanding officer is superb, so is Rajit Kapur as Sehmat's father.

Shishir Sharma as Brigadier Syed. One of the projects is Ranbir Kapoor-starrer Sanju. He is a silent victor in the film.

Willingly, Sehmat takes on a grueling training under the watchful eye of Mir (Jaideep Alhawat), an Indian intelligence agent. This movie is not just a spy thriller, it has all the important elements that a Bollywood movie should have. Patriotism is another reason for distributors not being pushed about buying the film.

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