'Severe consequences' to be faced if Iran resumes nuclear programme

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GETTYDonald Trump has pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear deal

Trump officially pulled the USA out of the deal via presidential order after a press conference Tuesday afternoon. What was Plan B?

"He introduced a new element, the element of leverage to a stale, non-productive reality that only encouraged the Iranians to continue their incredibly risky behaviour, particularly in Syria, by threatening Israel by surrounding it with missiles and expecting us to sit there and just wait until something happens". Trump has said that there will be a grace period before economic sanctions are imposed to allow USA businesses to reconcile their Iranian dealings, while Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that the country will take time before responding, but hopes to continue the deal with the five remaining countries. And that will make a nuclear deal very hard to maintain.

Trump's announcement was short on answers.

France, Germany and the United Kingdom wanted to avoid that but failed to sway Trump at the 11th hour.

That does not help stable relations in the Middle East or anywhere else.

The European and USA positions were too far apart on the so-called sunset clauses allowing for some restriction on Iran's nuclear enrichment program to be lifted.

Six countries, including the U.S. negotiated the deal: the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council -the U.S., Britain, France, China and Russian Federation - as well as Germany.

"At the very least, the International Monetary Fund figures now look very optimistic", said Jason Tuvey, Middle East economist at Capital Economics. "Unified in our understanding"?

"Having a deal is better than no deal".

"Not only is Iran bad actors, I would say they are terrorists", Loudermilk said in a "Countdown to the Closing Bell" interview.

State Duma's Deputy Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy (United Russia) said Trump's decision to quit the Iran nuclear deal is "another round of crisis" in worldwide relations. The deal places restrictions on Iran's nuclear programme. But that long-overdue optimism was quickly halted by the election of Trump, who vowed to terminate the agreement struck under his predecessor.

He indicated that after his country's exit from this deal he will be prepared, willing, and able to sign a new pact, once Iran is also ready.

This is despite claims made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in April that Iran is cheating on the nuclear deal by hiding nuclear weapons.

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How that works is less than clear.

Professor Gillespie highlighted that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed Iran is not cheating on the deal. He also wants a tougher inspections regime and to roll a missile testing ban into the deal.

He added that he hoped other signatories to the deal would not follow in America's footsteps.

She noted that it has been "years that the Levinson family has been struggling with not knowing where Bob is, and I think it will be particularly painful to see the detained in North Korea come home without North Korea really having done anything, where Iran has fully complied with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action since January of 2016, almost 2 years of full compliance".

Now, clearly, President Trump takes a different view.

There may be some room to talk.

On Tuesday, Trump fulfilled a campaign by declaring that the U.S.is leaving the deal.

Previously, he made good on his promise to scrap USA participation in the Paris climate accord, another bad deal for the US agreed to by Obama, and to move the USA embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in recognition of Israel's right to name its own capital.

Rex Tillerson, the previous secretary of state, had seen value in staying in the deal, as did Defense Secretary James Mattis.

Russian Federation was one of the powers involved in the pact, which saw Iran agree to limit its atomic program in exchange for economic sanctions being lifted.

He also warned that other nations could be sanctioned as well. Beijing has opposed the US move and many Chinese companies may continue to buy Iranian crude, analysts say.

So far, along with overwhelming majority of countries from different regions of the world, global associations also stated their disturbance over the U.S.'s decision.

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