The First Deadpool 2 Reactions Are Here... and They're Appropriately Offbeat

Deadpool 2

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In a promo for Deadpool 2, the former England football captain is seen watching the first instalment of the film franchise in which Ryan Reynolds' character compares Beckham's voice to inhaling helium. With a recent appearance in a video with Ryan Reynolds in his Deadpool suit being shared across social media, the excitement for a possible Deadpool 2 cameo has only grown stronger. He replays one of Blind Al (Leslie Uggams) and Wade Wilson's amusing scenes in the film that shows Merc with a Mouth making fun of his voice. "Have you ever heard David Beckham speak?" First it's text messages, and when those don't work, Deadpool himself comes to Beckham's home. The movie stars Ryan Reynolds again as Deadpool and Josh Brolin has been cast as Cable who is the main antagonist.

Deadpool's the type of guy who likes to do things face-to-face, so naturally he goes to Beckham's house for the apology.

After apologising continuously, Deadpool dons a Canadian sports jersey and presents him with two passes to a 2018 FIFA World Cup match. "I can't wait to not watch Italy play The Netherlands", says Deadpool. The father-of-four relents and admits that he can not stay mad at Reynolds.

Deadpool 2 opens in US theaters on May 18.

Brian Truitt added: "I didn't absolutely love the first Deadpool, but man, Deadpool 2 does the trick for me". Collider's Steven Weintraub tweeted, "Happy to report "Deadpool 2" is a lot of fun and had me laughing beginning to end". Back in March, it was rumored that Deadpool 2 had tested poorly with audiences, which prompted many fans to brace themselves to be disappointed by Wade Wilson's second big screen adventure.

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