World Health Organization ready to deploy Ebola vaccines to DRC

FAAN assures of preparedness

FAAN assures of preparedness

Nigeria recorded its first case of Ebola in 2014 right after a government official named Patrick Sawyer, who had previously been infected with the virus in Liberia, collapsed on birth at the airport terminal country's greatest town, catching health authorities oblivious. There have been 18 deaths. But already there are three separate locations covering 60 km (37 miles) or more, and some of the victims were healthcare workers, potentially "an amplification factor" for outbreaks, Salama said. He is not being replaced.

The country's health minister says one person has died of the virus.

The risk of an Ebola outbreak in the United Kingdom remains negligible, it added. That same day, the White House's senior director for global health security, Timothy Ziemer, stepped down from his position.

"That seems to me to be about as fast as you can reasonably expect", said Jimmy Whitworth, a specialist in epidemiology and public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Ebola virus particles (blue) budding from an infected cell.

All cases were reported from the catchment area of the Ikoko-Impenge health facility, located 30 km from the central health zone office of Bikoro, which is 280 km by road from Mbandaka, the capital of Equateur province.

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Nigeria's immigration service said on Thursday it had increased screening tests at airports and other entry points as a precautionary measure. The government immediately alerted the people about the outbreak.

Ngaleto said of all cases so far reported, seven were now in the hospital in Bikoro.

The WHO said that it is collaborating with DRC to help out the infected and to contain the spread of the disease. The Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it has set aside $250,000 for response to the outbreak while mobilizing a team with experience in previous Ebola outbreaks.

Tourism CS Najib Balala further quashed those fears saying travellers moving in and out of the country were free to do so, saying "There is no EBOLA in Kenya or Africa, save for a an isolated remote area in DRC".

Nigeria and Kenya began screening travelers as a result of the outbreak.

The virus is transmitted to people from wild animals and spreads in the human population through human-to-human transmission, either through direct contact with bodily fluids such as blood or secretions or contact with materials that are contaminated with these liquids.

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