Google Using Artificial Intelligence To Help With Simple, Necessary Tasks

Google Try To Fight Fake News Relaunches News Service

Google Using Artificial Intelligence To Help With Simple, Necessary Tasks

In the case of a doctors appointment, they typically need a lot of information that Google Assistant doesn't know about you or your family. Experts have suggested possible misuse of this feature by marketers (to make unsolicited robocalls), political parties using this to make pitches and so on. Interestingly enough, the salon employee had no idea he was talking to an AI-controlled voice.

Such calls are typically prerecorded monologues, but more businesses and organizations are employing machine-learning techniques to respond to a person's questions with a natural-sounding conversation, in hopes they'll be less likely to hang up. Google has set a monumental task for itself- perfecting all accents and languages around the world.

Among other features revealed in Android P, Google announced App Actions and Slices, aimed at improving suggestions and making it simpler for users to perform the next action without going through too many steps in between.

During the presentation, Sundar Pichai, the Google's chief, played a recording of the digital assistant's voice while it was freely calling a restaurant and a hairstylist to make a couple of reservations.

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There was also an announcement about Google's cloud-based photo service Google Photos. For the Adaptive battery, Android relies on a deep neural network to predict which apps are used more. Google News will now be the only app for news from the company, and integrates the company's earlier Newsstand app as well. The OS version started rolling out in October past year.

Android P will be coming out later this summer while its public beta version is available for Google, Sony, Nokia, Essential and Xiaomi smartphones. As such, Google is taking things out of the manufacturers' hands and into their own, to force manufacturers to offer these important patches more regularly. In order to start interacting with your watch again you'll have to press the physical side button - a quick tap to view the time, or a long press to fully disable this mode and restore regular operation. We hope that the Android P is terrific as the beta version has made it out to be. Another feature called the 'Shush' mode automatically puts your phone on Do Not Disturb mode if you keep your phone face down.

Similarly, the back button is also absent in the Android P, which is also a feature of iPhone X. But it appears in Android if you really have to navigate back. Along with that, there's now also a new dashboard that shows you stats of how much time you spend on a particular app.

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