Police say stalker broke into man's house, took bath

Jacqueline Ades is accused of stalking a man and sending him threatening messages

Police say stalker broke into man's house, took bath

"The victim said that she sent about 500 text messages to him a day, court documents said", Fox 59 reported.

After being taken into custody, Ades reassured police that she had no intention of hurting the man, saying that she only sent the threatening texts to him because she loved him and feared that he would leave her.

Police also say back in In July 2017 they found her parked outside the man's home. Police, who charged Ades with criminal trespass, say they found her vehicle at the residence with a large butcher knife on the passenger seat.

Police found a butcher knife in her auto when she was most recently arrested. She was subsequently arrested and charged with harassment, stalking, and threatening.

She's now in jail with no bond. The victim claims he called about this in December as well when she did the same thing but cops could not locate her at that time.

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But it far from being married, the pair reportedly only dated once, according to the victim.

The first incident occurred on April 8 when Ades entered the victim's home in the upscale Phoenix enclave of Paradise Valley when he was not there, the documents said. I have a feeling if Ronald Reagan was still alive, she may have tried to shoot him. "And if he doesn't like it, I'll go home and I'll love my ex-boyfriend". "I'll kill you.I don't wanna be a murderer", she wrote in one of the messages, according to police. "I'd want to bathe in it" and "I'm like Hitler. man was a genius".

On Tuesday, Arizona law enforcement officials arrested a 31-year-old woman who allegedly harassed a Scottsdale businessman whom she met online. Ades did admit she regrets the nature of some of the messages. They arrested the woman and charged her with trespass and stalking. We suppose it's pretty easy to spy on your unrequited love after you pack up and move from your home in Miami to Arizona out of pure spite. She said that she threatened him because she was anxious he had called the police to report her behavior.

One of the messages said she would murder him if he ever tried to leave her. She also faces a failure to appear warrant since she missed her court date for the April trespassing charge.

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