Netanyahu says Iran crossed 'red line' with rocket fire

Netanyahu says Iran crossed 'red line' with rocket fire

Netanyahu says Iran crossed 'red line' with rocket fire

Both the United Kingdom and USA called on Russian Federation to do more to rein in Iran's presence in Syria and avoid a further escalation.

Israel says it has struck nearly all of Iran's military infrastructure inside Syria in its biggest assault since the start of the civil war there.

"Iron Dome intercepted the rockets". Pro-Syrian media said Syrian missiles then fired at Israeli forces.

Iran has vowed to retaliate for repeated Israeli airstrikes targeting its forces in Syria. Jonathan Schanzer of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies told Business Insider that while they might not say it, other Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt, probably support Israel pushing back Iran's influence. "I hope we have finished this chapter", Liberman said at a policy conference north of Tel Aviv in Herzliya.

In a YouTube statement on Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran had "crossed a red line", and that Israel's action was appropriate. "The Iranian regime's deployment into Syria of offensive rocket and missile systems aimed at Israel is an unacceptable and highly unsafe development for the entire Middle East".

All night, drones buzzed overhead, heard but not seen in the darkness. "There are no injuries and no damage was caused to IDF positions", Manelis said, referring to the name Israel has given its missile interceptor system. Israel said four of Iran's rockets were intercepted, while the others fell short of their targets. No Israeli casualties were reported.

Israeli fighter jets struck a Syrian army position south of Damascus, a pro-Assad commander said. He added that "ground assets were also used to strike into Syria".

Israel carried out its largest wave of air strikes in Syria since the 1973 war, hitting around 70 Iranian military bases, supply depots, and intelligence sites, as well as Syrian regime air defence batteries, its military said.

Now, Iran's only recourse may be to silently take the beating or unleash Hezbollah for all-out war on Israel.

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Analysts believe that tensions between Syria and Iran were further stoked after United States President Donald Trump announced recently that he would pull the US out of its nuclear accord with Iran. Israel has not commented on the strike.

Authorities urged the citizens of Golan Heights - the intended target of the rocket attacks - to be on alert while stressing that normal life would resume in the area.

The Security Council, deeply divided over Syria, is highly unlikely to issue a statement and as of Friday morning no council member had asked for a meeting. "Syria has every right to defend itself", Iranian state TV quoted Qasemi as saying. This has led Israel to warn Iran that the country "would respond to any attack".

Will there be a war between Israel and Iran?

"The situation, unfortunately, is very acute".

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Iran's strong support for the government of President Bashar al-Assad - along with Russian air power - ensured his survival and now Tehran is seeking to cash in on the strategic benefits.

"They need to remember the saying that if it rains on us, it'll storm on them".

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