This year Ukraine celebrates Mother's Day on May 13

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According to Wikipedia, Jarvis famously admonished society: "A printed card means nothing except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world". Mom to Will and Jonathan Byers, who works as a clerk to meet their family needs, Joyce could probably lead the don't-mess-with-me mom pack without the drop of a hat.

I'm not good at everything, but I find it easy, and fun, to light up for my favorite people. "One of the important truths she taught me was to be thankful-both to people and to God", Olive Slye said of her mother Esther Horsager.

You'll never buy another Mother's Day card, flowers or chocolates without at least a rueful smile after reading this story.

Happy Mothers' Day to all our remarkable mothers. She died at the age of 86 shortly after Thanksgiving in 1987.

A hard-working young mother, passionate about her pursuing a career in writing, Jane makes rosy romance novels fade with multiple reality checks about motherhood. After he remarried I had a stepmother to acknowledge, but she was no happier to be my mother than I was to live with unwanted changes in my life.

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"I knew I had to do one of them, but she didn't tell me which one to do". She's my reminder of why I'm here; why I put so much time into this. The times u told me not to give up.

It is a raw and candid account of this relatively new adoptive process by an author who waited four long years before a match was made for her family. They were married for nearly six decades.

Reynolds says on top of everything - Canadians don't normally budget for this day: "Only 15% of Canadians follow a budget, with many preferring to splurge on fancy events, which can get expensive", says Reynolds, adding "our advice is to keep a budget and make simple adjustments - like home cooked meals or DIY spa days". Thanks for everything mom. Then, her protests escalated to arrests for public disturbances. Just really warm and welcoming, doing everything she could for everybody. Don't have to thank me for the gentle reminder.

"My mom's been my biggest supporter since I started playing baseball". She was what one would expect of an Italian mother. They had a flat tire. "I was only 3 years old then", Caughey said. I hope that at least some of my mom's dedication rubbed off on me, though I'm pretty sure my ambling, take-life-as-it-comes attitude has probably driven her insane a time or two. From Tina taking that "Ring Off", and marrying the love of her life, to Solange's iconic wedding, to the ups and downs of being "Queen Bey", the trio are the epitome of being there through the good and the bad. She's also a voracious reader of books of all types, a master of culinary improvisation and a basketball fan from way back. She is the love of my life. Whatever we as family are today is because of her.I am still her bachcha. You truly a seriously a gift to me that I will always treasure Mommy. She strives to ensure he obtains all the opportunities possible to give him a bright future, supporting his football and education in the process. In some countries it is offensive to one's mother not mark Mother's Day while in others it is a little known festival celebrated mainly by immigrants or covered by the media as a taste of foreign culture. But before her death, even she had to admit she had some regrets about starting Mother's Day. I refuse to discuss my mother as just a special person for a day.

"Moms are the people with the hug and the Band Aid, the comforter, the teacher, the defenders of hopes and dreams, the cook of your favorite food on your birthday, the driver of the carpool majority had no idea how to be mothers".

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