Fans want Priyanka Chopra to play Pakistani-Muslim superhero Ms Marvel

Karen Gillan

Black Widow quickly become a fan favorite among Marvel audiences

Let's hope that the Ms. Marvel movie gets the green light because we've never seen a Muslim superhero of Pakistani descent grace the big screen and even more so interestingly, a woman. Though we were skeptical at the time, due to Captain Marvel's debut still being over a year away, it would appear that Feige is on the same page as fans wanting Kamala to join the fray. This includes Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) in her origin story and as it turns out, a closely connected Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) would be following right after.

We're being treated to Brie Larson's Captain Marvel in April 2019 and now Ms Marvel may also break into the MCU.

Khan, if you're not familiar, burst onto the comic book scene a in 2013, and shortly afterwards became the first Muslim character to headline a Marvel comic book.

No, the first real test to see if team-up films would work in this universe was 2015's Ant-Man.

After getting superpowers, she is inspired by Captain Marvel to become a superhero. But whatever the case, Kamala Khan's introduction would be a welcome new addition to Marvel's growing pantheon of diverse superheroes, and a nice way to break up the plethora of white guys named Chris. Sure, characters like Hawkeye or Black Widow could have cameos in other films, but big, marquee characters being part of another's movies seems unlikely. Feige has already confirmed that feature films based on properties like Nova, Moon Knight and The Eternals are being considered or are in active development. "So you can't ask for better for Captain Marvel".

Join host and Thanos' new hype man, Jessica Chobot, as she goes over a recent interview with the Russo the Huffington Post, where they revealed the fate of a few characters who weren't on camera during Infinity War. There is also the possibility of a television series targeted at younger audiences.

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