Huge celebrations in Israel after Eurovision win

Нетаниягу поздравил израильтян с праздником

Huge celebrations in Israel after Eurovision win

"Netta deserves it, I met her in Israel and I knew then she was such a strong woman", Mauboy said. I woke up to the exciting news.

Israel triumphed at the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night, May 12 as singer Netta Barzilai was crowned the victor of the annual competition.

Yosi Swed, left, and Neta Keret with a chicken hat that took them hours to make, in honor of Netta Barzilai's triumphant victory concert in Tel Aviv on May 14, 2018. There will be no escaping the issue next year unless the competition's rabid fans in coastal Tel Aviv get their way and manage to host it instead.

The Eurovision song contest was combining in-house judging and popular reaction to musical performances decades before "Idol" came along. "I really, honestly felt like I gave my all and sang my heart out as much as I could".

These were the words by an exciting Netta who brought the victor title to Israel at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest event in Portugal. Both suited the classic Israeli folk song/dance genre perfectly, including the chosen costumes.

The contest largely shed its traditional hallmarks of glitz and glitter in favor of a more restrained and tasteful tone in Lisbon, which was hosting the event because it won past year with Salvador Sobral's sober and subdued ballad "Amar pelos Dois". Thousands of people had gathered, many young girls and women wearing their hair in Netta's iconic style, in honour of the powerful message of the song Toy.

The role of a geisha is to be a toy to entertain men who pay for their time and services, so the costume is brilliantly ironic.

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On the official site of "Eurovision" there was a vote for "the best performance over the last 10 years".

The global contest began as a competition between European countries, but its huge popularity has led to the inclusion of Israel and Australia among the performers.

The State of Israel is nobody's "toy".

"When Israel sends to the world a symbol for being different, tolerance and liberal values, suddenly the world is not against us and we win!" wrote Yariv Oppenheimer, a former leader of the Peace Now left-wing group in Israel. Tomorrow the United States of America is finally opening its Embassy in Jerusalem.

And President Reuven Rivlin tweeted, "We're proud of you".

Taking all this data into consideration, they found that people were 4% more satisfied with their life for every increase of ten places on the final score board. "These days Jerusalem is being blessed with many gifts".

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