Long Island weather: Chance of severe weather late Tuesday

Weather Authority: Gusty showers, thunderstorms ahead

Tornado watch issued as South Jersey awaits damaging winds, large hail

Most of western Mass is under an "enhanced" risk of severe thunderstorms this afternoon as a cold front comes into the area.

Wednesday night, there is a 20 percent chance of showers before 1 a.m., with a low of 63, according to the weather service. Any additional rainfall tonight could lead to ponding and flooding.

"The damage we saw suggests wind speeds between 80 and 100 miles per hour", said Jensenius.

The National Weather Service reported 2-inch-size hail in Sharon Springs in Wallace County.

Check out Joe Martucci's Facebook Live here. Localized flash flood also is possible. So if you have that little league practice going strong and you hear some thunder-boomers, just take it inside until the threat passes.

The overnight low should be around 50 degrees, setting up another foggy and drizzly morning on Monday.

Heavy rains are coming through the area Monday morning, but some northern spots may stay dry as the heaviest rains stick to the south.

I wish we could put in orders for weather.

Forecasters project temperatures will rise into the 80s on Tuesday and will generate more humid conditions than in recent days.

Saturday will be the day to get the garden going for Mothers' Day weekend because Sunday wil...

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