NES Classic & SNES Restock Hits Store Shelves This June

NES Classic Edition

NES Classic & SNES Restock Hits Store Shelves This June

The Japanese video game maker has announced that the miniature 8-bit system will be back on June 29, 2018. This re-release, as well as the Super NES Classic Edition, are expected to be available through the end of the year.

For those who didn't manage to grab a NES Classic when they were first released, Nintendo have some good news.

When the NES and SNES classic editions hit store shelves two years ago, fans of the throwback gaming consoles emptied them out. On June 29, the console will once again be available in stores.

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Part of me does, therefore, wonder if Nintendo will close the door on that in this new release. You might want to start lining up at your nearest electronics retailer now, because Nintendo says the NES Classic is coming back next month.

There were rumors afloat for a while that Nintendo is working to re-launch the re-launched NES Classic which it has initially introduced in November 2016. The price of the NES Classic has also been corrected: It's still $60, while the SNES Classic is $80. More than 5 million SNES Classics and almost 2.5 million NES Classics have been sold. It will include the same 30 titles as before, including classics like Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and more. Worldwide sales of the SNES Classic have reached four million units, according to IGN. The video game company saw the overwhelming demand for the product and made a decision to introduce a new wave of the classic systems.

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