Ryan Reynolds Sounds A Bit More Hopeful About Deadpool 3 Now

Ryan Reynolds Sounds A Bit More Hopeful About Deadpool 3 Now

Ryan Reynolds Sounds A Bit More Hopeful About Deadpool 3 Now

Dressed in a glittery unicorn mask (with matching cape), the audience and judges had zero idea who was underneath until the mask came off.... and they actually went bananas (video below). Though saying that singing in the mask didn't help him sound better, he said he's going the take the unicorn mask home because "it's easier to use than Deadpool mask".

The players don't look pleased when they are given red uniform's to wear sporting number 2 and a whole lot of Deadpool merchandise including toilet paper rolls, slippers, bathrobes etc. The difference is that none of it's shocking anymore, since we've been down this road before.

Josh Brolin has a convincing supporting turn as the time-traveling mutant Cable in "Deadpool 2".

This is not to say you won't find stuff to enjoy. Pool so desperately want to die, and well, the answer is a logical one even if the event kicking off the story feels rushed. For those unaware, the character of Dopinder is played by Hollywood actor of Indian origin, Karan Soni. And there is a lot of new stuff.

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Reynolds is very good at straddling the occasionally serious demands of a role defined by its mostly relentless tomfoolery, created to play up Deadpool's status as the class clown of Marvel in general, and specifically, the corner of its cinematic stable occupied by the X-Men, which Fox controls.

Some of those additions are pretty fantastic. Rob Delaney's Peter is a highlight but does little more than what was seen in the film's marketing. And Robbie is basically Julian Dennison playing Ricky Baker in Hunt for the Wilderpeople again, which is to say he's instantly lovable. Reduced to moping and quoting George Michael's "Careless Whisper", Wade finds renewed objective when encounters with wayward mutant kid Russell (Julian Dennison) and vengeful cyborg-from-the-future Cable (Josh Brolin) test his question: is family more than just an F-word? The plot, characters, humor and action escalate into a hilarious, exciting and engaging finale.

"Deadpool 2" is wicked, dark fun from start to finish, with some twisted and very amusing special effects, cool production elements, terrific ensemble work - and for dessert, perhaps the best end-credits "cookie" scene ever.

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