USA to help N Korea's economy if it abandons nuclear weapons

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is seen at Peace House of the border village of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone South Korea on April 27

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is seen at Peace House of the border village of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone South Korea on April 27. AP

Mr Trump replied that he would try his best to do so, the MFA said.

To underline the challenges ahead, North Korea's former spy chief Kim Yong-chul, the director of the United Front Department, boasted in a toast to Pompeo during lunch in Pyongyang on Wednesday that the country had "perfected" its nuclear capability. We're not dealing with a traditional state actor who has an apparatus of policy actors below him.

Mr Trump's wife Melania was also there to greet the men, as was Mike Pence, the USA vice-president, his wife Karen and Mr Pompeo.

"But we got, up front, our people home".

"Kim Jong-un and North Korean diplomats directly state that this process is quite lengthy and requires security guarantees for North Korean statehood", Lobov said.

The U.S. -North Korea summit in June could represent another important step in fulfilling the promise enshrined in that agreement.

"Otto Warmbier... When he was released, he arrived in the United States with a coma".

Kim will clearly be looking for some kind of victory of his own, and may seek concessions, such as ending the trade sanctions that have banned exports from North Korea, in exchange for tamping down his nuclear program. The discussion of whether the troops should leave or not is advised to take place only between the president of South Korea and Trump. And there are a number of things - provocative actions, for example, from North Korea would not be received well. He has now conducted six nuclear tests.

"The North hasn't set any conditions yet", a government official said.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his wife attended that concert along with top officials from North Korea, including Kim's sister and closest aide, Kim Yo Jong.

To the USA, that means the North giving up the nuclear weapons it has already built.

On the Iran deal, Trump pulled out of the worldwide agreement without any Plan B to deal with the region.

Speaking at a regular news conference, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kotaro Nogami said Japan expects North Korea to show "concrete actions" to make clear its future direction.

Trump has repeatedly said that if the meeting with Kim does not take the right course, he may walk out or cancel the summit.

"This is a moment for cautious optimism", Gardner told AFP. "For the whole world", the president said.

So far, the North Korean regime has made vague pledges to "denuclearize" but has not spelled out what that means, when it would happen or how it would be implemented.

"As of last night, there was no nuance in terms of denuclearization", he said.

"This is the key test", said Gardner. "So I think he has very smartly - and very masterfully. escalated and saber-rattled so that he could then switch and appear much more accommodating and present a more peaceful face".

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