Celtics Hold Off Cavs to Take 2-0 Series Lead

A frustrated Cleveland Cavaliers forward Le Bron James walks to the bench during a stoppage of play in the third quarter at TD Garden

Lebron Shows Off Incredible Memory of Terrible Start

Smart finished with 11 points and nine assists off the bench for Boston. This game was Exhibit A of the Cavs just not having the horses after LeBron (and perhaps Love).

"Three-point shots are a part of our DNA", LeBron James said.

James drove to end the 8-0 run, but Horford got to an offensive rebound and found Rozier for a 105-91 game with 1:48 to play as James retired for the night.

James returned before the half was over and the Cavs said he had a neck strain.

"I think every game is a fight and a lot of these games, we're winning those fights", Brown said.

In the postgame press conference, James was asked what happened during the Celtics' initial spurt. You know that scene in Billy Madison where Billy comes out to recess during dodgeball and says "now you're all in big, big trouble" then lays waste to the first graders? It was probably around the time the Cavs elected not to execute a deal for rim protection specialist DeAndre Jordan of the LA Clippers at the trade deadline and instead moved to add a collection of perimeter players.

Tempers flared with 3:49 to play with Boston leading 97-89.

J.R. Smith had an ugly performance. Smith shoved Morris and the pair had to be separated.

Boston's Marcus Smart and Smith had to be separated, with both hit with technical fouls.

"I can't be thinking about being on the court with LeBron, because then I won't be focused", Tatum said. "We have each other's backs, and it is what it is. He went out, and it allowed us to pick up our pressure even more".

Horford said that, if anything, Smith's infraction only sharpened the Celtics' focus.

My guess is that it's a combination of all three, coupled with the unprecedented veteran-like poise and "I fear nothing" mentality displayed from rookie Jayson Tatum (20 years old), sophomore Jaylen Brown (21) and third-year player Terry Rozier (24). "I just think we did a great job of that".

But the Celtics' team effort, with six players scoring in double figures, was too much for the Cavaliers.

Before checking out, James made one of two free throws, giving Cleveland its largest lead of the game at 11 points.

Late in the second quarter of Game 2 between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics, LeBron James took a blow to the jaw and promptly left the game. And exactly why it needs to be Morris in that starting lineup and stuck to James like glue from the opening tip. He turned the ball over the Cavs' first possession.

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