HTC is making a blockchain smartphone

The HTC Exodus is a blockchain-powered smartphone

HTC is creating an Android phone that's powered by blockchain

HTC isn't the first to tout a blockchain phone. For instance, your Web browsing on a blockchain phone would be private and secure out of the box.

Well, the phone's hardware is optimized to support decentralized apps (dApps), and there's a built in "universal wallet" to support storing your cryptocurrencies.

Phil Chen, the brain behind HTC's Virtual Reality (VR) headset "Vive" will be in charge of all blockchain and cryptocurrency related initiatives of HTC including "Exodus".

HTC's blockchain-powered Android phone will support Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major networks.

It's worth noting that this isn't the first blockchain-powered smartphone - Sirin Labs has a $1,000 blockchain phone announced last September and due to come out this October. A startup called Sirin Labs had announced a blockchain smartphone in September a year ago. He left the company in 2015 to get into venture capital, but is now returning to HTC as Decentralized Chief Officer.

Still, if you do have some bitcoin to spare, HTC is reportedly considering letting people buy Exodus using cryptocurrency - but a price and release date are yet to be announced. In the late 2000s, this Taiwanese firm introduced a smartphone based on the Android operating system and now it wants to go further. The announcement comes nearly one week before the launch of its latest flagship, the HTC U12. The Exodus does comprise some highly-marketable and fictitious design schematics that make it profusely clear that it's a very technical product.

While there aren't too many details on the new smartphone, the company did give some idea of what to expect.

That said, we don't yet have word on how much HTC will sell this smartphone at.

Blockchain technology should ensure extra security due to high-level encryption tools, as well as the ability to connect to superfast networks to ensure speedy transactions.

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