Lenovo Z5 may be first phone with no notch, no bezels

A Lenovo exec shared this sketch of the Lenovo Z5.                  Chang Cheng  Weibo

A Lenovo exec shared this sketch of the Lenovo Z5. Chang Cheng Weibo

A sketch of the new flagship Lenovo Z5 smartphone. Lenovo has not announced a high-end device for a long time now, the company focused on budget phones, and they haven't exactly been extremely active when it comes to releasing devices in the a year ago or so. As seen in the sketch, there appears to be negligible bezel at the bottom of the smartphone. However Lenovo doesn't provide specific detail about what it has done to make the Z5 practical and not be hindered by the design decision to go "all-screen". Now, Lenovo is setting itself up to be a front runner with the first true "all screen" smartphone.

Z5 will be Lenovo's latest premium smartphone and the company has been actively promoting it in the run-up to the launch. But Lenovo Z5 can beat this record and get an unusually high ratio of display to the area of the front panel that will reach and may exceed 95%. Lenovo first released a render showing just a part of the upcoming Z5 boasting a 95% screen-to-body ratio, shown above.

In any case, I'm stoked for the Z5 - but I do hope that it's smaller than the 5.9-inch size that's slowly becoming the norm for narrow-bezel devices.

There are still some hardware examples that seem like they would be a bigger challenge for manufacturers to figure out what to do with in search of an "all-screen" display. Namely, where the camera and the sensors are going now there's bezel. Can we expect the "notch" that Apple made infamous with its courageous iPhone X? Lenovo is desperate to grab a share by stealing the world's attention. The smartphone market had expected the company to pull a strong share but the company has been beaten by both local and global rivals.

As for when a formal announcement and launch will take place, we now don't know.

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