Now Facebook exposes psychological tests of 3 million

Christopher Wylie the whistleblower who revealed Cambridge Analytica breached the data of 87 million Facebook users said the company shared the information with Russia. Wylie testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday

Now Facebook exposes psychological tests of 3 million

CA has vehemently denied exploiting data obtained from up to 87 million Facebook users for Donald Trump's presidential campaign, claiming it deleted data obtained in breach of the social network's terms of service.

Although not as expansive as the data exposed in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, this latest leak did still contain results of the personality quiz, as well as personal Facebook details and even status updates of 150,000 users. It is also thought that deanonymizing the data for numerous victims would be fairly easy given the wide range of information collected by the app and tied to unique user IDs.

Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon and hedge fund billionaire and GOP mega-donor Robert Mercer founded Cambridge Analytica in 2013.

Next, trending on Facebook is Facebook's reveal that it's suspended around 200 apps suspected of abusing data. The University of Cambridge has responded saying that myPersonality was started before the person who created it was even at the university, so it wasn't ever flagged for an ethics review.

Wylie also claimed that Stephen Bannon Cambridge Analytica's former vice president  wanted to use information to fight a'culture war
Now Facebook exposes psychological tests of 3 million

Facebook made a policy change in 2014 limiting access to user data but noted that some applications still had data obtained prior to the revision. A first of its kind in the market, the program provides financial payouts to anyone who reports genuine cases of data collection that go against Facebook's data policies. Companies like Twitter tend to have access to less private information than Facebook. The most grounded connect with the earlier data harvesting, however, is that the University of Cambridge's Psychometrics Center controlled the two informational indexes.

Experts are anxious that the researchers didn't do enough to anonymize the data, as well.

"This type of data is very powerful and there is real potential for misuse", Chris Sumner of the UK-based data watchdog, the Online Privacy Foundation, said. "The use of the data can't be at the expense of people's privacy".

Facebook's head of public policy Rebecca Stimson wrote a letter to the Committee, explaining that the company had provided information on its approach to data collection and privacy all across the globe, suggesting that after his grilling by United States senators Zuckerberg doesn't need to face questions from UK MPs.

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