Secretary of State says 'hopeful' US, Europe can strike deal over Iran

France Wants to Defend EU Firms From US Sanctions on Iran- French Minister

France Wants to Defend EU Firms From US Sanctions on Iran- French Minister

"It's really annoying that the Iranian government is never blamed for the really bad decisions they have taken lately concerning business, and only the sanctions are blamed", she said. He could, for example, have started small by only reimposing a handful of sanctions.

The 2015 agreement "is delivering on its goal, which is guaranteeing that Iran doesn't develop nuclear weapons, the European Union is determined to preserve it", Mogherini said, warning that she was "particularly worried" by the USA announcement of fresh sanctions. "I think the issue here is what the Europeans are going to do". After an hour-long meeting at European Union headquarters in Brussels, Zarif said he believed both sides were "on the right track" to make sure that the interests of Iran and the non-U.S. partners "will be preserved and guaranteed".

European leaders vowed in the wake of the announcement that they would remain in the pact.

Zarif and Mogherini also conferred on plans and arrangements for a Tuesday meeting in Brussels between them and the three European countries foreign ministers, FNA said. "It's clear that there should also be economic incentives - that will not be easy after the United States decision", Maas said.

During his CNN interview, Bolton also said that "it's possible" sanctions could be placed on European companies that continue to do business with Iran after the US pullout from the 2015 nuclear deal.

"[New Zealand companies] will lose in this sanction, we can buy, for example butter, from many other countries, that is why it is not in favour of New Zealand, it will not serve the New Zealand companies' interests". "And that will be hard to sell given our economic connections". The Iranian government has already put a tight capital control in place in anticipation of reduced oil revenues.

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It is unclear how well the measure could be enforced, given that big multinationals are likely to be doing more business in the US than they are in Iran and may be unwilling to compromise that market access. Some other companies have signed MOUs, but they don't aren't legally binding. Whatever (is) decided should preserve and guarantee Iran's rights.

"If the nuclear deal is to continue, the interests of the people of Iran must be assured", he added.

Trying "to persuade" U.S. As a result, Iran finally experienced a boom after years of stagnation under global sanctions. But many companies have not invested in Iran because of its contracting system, not just because of sanctions.

"I think at the moment there's some feeling in Europe - they're really surprised we got out of it, really surprised at the reimposition of strict sanctions". He settled for arguing that Iran is untrustworthy, citing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's recent unrevealing revelation that Iran maintains files from when it had a secret nuclear weapons program in the early 2000s. By giving a boost to hardliners, Trump has made that outcome, and most of the other things Americans want Iranians to stop, more likely. This is what [French President Emmanuel] Macron and Trump were discussing last month.

But last week US President Donald Trump announced he was leaving the deal and reimposing sanctions.

"We will be instituting the highest level of economic sanctions".

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