Solo: A Star Wars Story - Warwick Davis' Role In The Film

Solo star Alden Ehrenreich reveals that Harrison Ford is still not a big fan of the Ewoks as first seen in Return of the Jedi

Harrison Ford Still Really Hates the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi Kevin Burwick

A lot of this was because of the character of Han Solo; he had the coolest ship, he was charming and amusing, and his best friend was a giant bear dog who could rip people's arms out of their sockets. "And we got to revisit stuff that normally you don't get to have a second chance on", Clarke explained to Variety.

Nobody does, quite. The American actor Alden Ehrenreich apparently pipped Britain's Taron Egerton and Ireland's Jack Reynor to the title role, and does a decent job, but he lacks Ford's screen presence, that enigmatic charisma he had even as a young man.

More mixed is The Wrap's review, which calls Solo a "so-so" film with "nothing new to say" about Han's development as a character.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is rated PG-13. Han's Dickensian youth just doesn't carry as much weight as the storytellers might have imagined.

Star Wars fans thought that the Han Solo prequel movie would be a disaster especially after the director duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were replaced by Ron Howard. The audience won't know which character will betray Han. The film's one truly convincing turn comes from Woody Harrelson as Tobias Beckett, a career criminal who serves as a dubious father figure to young Han. When their paths cross again - this time at a cocktail bash hosted by arch-villain Dryden Vos (Paul Bettany) - the times, and the equations, have changed beyond recognition. Howard's work has never had a readily identifiable style of its own, so it makes sense that he would be capable of adhering to the established look and feel of the "Star Wars" franchise.

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They'll soon meet up with the man Beckett is working for, Dryden Vos (Paul Bettany), and encounter Han's old friend from Corellia, Qi'ra (Emilia Clarke) before taking off on a unsafe smuggling mission. Her bond with Lando in particular is both hilarious and daring and will surely provoke many conversations. "Solo: A Star Wars Story is a crackingly enjoyable adventure which frankly deserves full episode status in the great franchise, not just one of these intermittent place-hold iterations". Read to find out what everyone else is saying about the Han Solo movie, but be warned, while there's no spoilers here, if you want to go into the movie completely blind, you might want to skip this article. (This actually happens. It's a long story.) There's also a scene I won't mention here, for fear it's too spoilery, that made me let out an audible groan. He captures the wry wit and gunslinger swagger, mirroring enough of Ford's mannerisms to be familiar yet he also manages to not simply be a mere mimic by lending the character a dopey sweetness and vulnerability not always evident in Ford's version. "There's enough here to satisfy the fan base and give Disney a very strong turnout", he wrote.

Film magazine Empire said: "The good news is that Solo doesn't feel overly compromised or noticeably stymied by its production snafus". That's an opinion shared pretty much throughout the galaxy.

Glover also gets some of the best costumes, including a selection of capes a la Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

Not only is Glover's Lando getting a lot of hype, but the actor-writer-director-musician is a huge deal right now outside of Star Wars and is one of the most talented creatives around. The action sequences are the standard Star Wars fair, which is certainly not a bad thing. Solo challenges viewers to dive deeper into the mythology and it will be interesting to see how these gutsier moments are received - and whether or not fans are onboard with the direction this potential franchise could be taking.

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