Iran's Zarif says talks with European Union talks off to a 'good start'

Teresa May

Oil hits $77 for first time since 2014 after Trump scraps Iran nuclear deal - business live

Bolton struck a more hawkish tone with his comments in an interview with CNN's State of the Union than Pompeo did when he was interviewed on Fox News Sunday. And a key question for Europe is therefore how far to push back against Trump, as indicated by Le Drian who said on Friday that "the extraterritoriality of the [US] sanction measures are unacceptable".

Trump on Tuesday said he was going to reimpose sanctions on Iran - dealing a blow to what he called the "decaying and rotten" Iran nuclear deal.

Tehran could easily exploit the distance between both sides of the Atlantic over Iran policy to continue its destabilizing activities-support for terror groups in the region-with little unified Western response.

The deal between Iran and six world powers lifted most worldwide sanctions in 2016 in return for Tehran curbing its nuclear programme, under strict surveillance by the United Nations nuclear watchdog, to stockpile enriched uranium for an atomic bomb. The deal's proponents say it is crucial to forestalling a nuclear Iran and preventing wider war in the Middle East.

"I think the Europeans will see that it's in their interest, ultimately, to come along with us", he added.

Despite the US exit, Britain and Iran expressed their commitment on Sunday to ensuring that the accord is upheld, according to a statement released by British Prime Minister Theresa May's office.

Taking to Twitter, the US President wrote, "Iran's Military Budget is up more than 40% since the Obama negotiated nuclear deal was reached... just another indicator that it was all a big lie".

But other countries around the world, including Germany, France and the United Kingdom, have said they would like to keep the original deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA), in place.

"We all agreed that we have a relative in intensive care and we all want to get him or her out of intensive care as quickly as possible", she said. Companies caught violating the sanctions could be cut off from the United States financial system and targeted with a range of penalties. But due to United States pressure, the Europeans may not be able to give such guarantees.

U.S. President Donald Trump holds up a proclamation declaring his intention to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement after signing it at the White House on May 8.

When pressed whether the prepared to go against companies from its allies, Pompeo said the sanctions in place are "very clear about what the requirements are". Despite the private doubts among many European diplomats, their governments will say that they are sticking by the 2015 accord that gave Tehran sanctions relief in return for an end to its nuclear ambitions.

Several Iranian officials told Reuters that as long as Iran could sell its oil and get its money, the deal remained alive. However, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said last week that Washington "will continue to work with our allies to build an agreement that is truly in the best interest of our long-term national security".

Oche said in Lagos on Sunday that it was sad that the U.

"It sends a strong signal vis a vis North Korea, that Trump is serious about denuclearization", said Lippman, who recently met with the foreign ministers of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, countries that like Israel backed Trump's pullout.

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