Louisiana governor on sports betting: 'We should look at it'

A customer made a bet at the Race and Sports Super Book at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino

David Becker Washington Post A customer made a bet at the Race and Sports Super Book at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino

This did not do what Congress has the power to do: Because the court's permissive construing of Congress' power to regulate all sorts of more or less economic activities for all sorts of reasons, Congress could criminalize sports gambling.

MS is expected to become one of the first states to add sports betting in the coming months.

And whatever short-term revenue boost the state realizes in legalized gambling is likely to be lost in the social costs that come along with expanded betting - gambling addictions, lost wages and families left in need by the cost of one more bet.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act - which has been in place since 1992 - is unconstitutional. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, which put a halt to the booming online poker industry, purports to enforce the Interstate Wire Act of 1961, but an Obama administration ruling in 2011 said the Wire Act didn't apply to wagers other than sports. Many race tracks already offer slot machines and table games - popularly known as racinos - in addition to betting on horses. The aging track needs an overhaul and Ritvo is hoping for a boost from sports betting. The CFPB is expected to modify the regulations to help the USA take advantage of new technologies and remain globally competitive in payments technology, Dugas said.

Kentucky is capital of thoroughbred horses but has no casinos. That has sparked criticism about money leaving Kentucky, but casino gambling hasn't advanced in recent years, and Gov. Matt Bevin is opposed.

Another key takeaway from the decision is that legalized sports betting still faces significant threats, even after the Court's ruling. Other sports leagues will want the same.

You could soon start placing bets on sporting events here in MI.

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Considering Vermont's own budgetary challenges, the state might be tempted to consider sports betting as a means of keeping money from disappearing over the border to states that are poised to allow it.

Good news no doubt for investors, but it will take time. He's wanted to add another casino and horseracing track in OH, and he's opposed to sports betting being limited to only the established gambling facilities, which he calls a "monopolistic" idea.

This week the justices did just that, bringing victory to a cause championed by a lonely few for many years. Industry website Equibase hasn't tracked attendance since the mid-1990s, but it has been dropping.

"A betting business built on blockchain technology might assuage some of the historical concerns held by people about sports betting in the US, such as the threat of collusion, money laundering, and tax evasion, all of which would be more easily identifiable and enforceable against with a trustworthy shared ledger and the robust identity frameworks blockchain can provide", Corva said. The NBA wants its cut of betting action and analysts over there talk about how there are so many American leagues in different sports on which people could bet.

Some folks in Vicksburg are already putting sports betting on their calendar. Would-be developer Rick Lertzman says his proposed constitutional amendment would allow sports betting in hundreds of restaurants, bars, fraternal clubs and entertainment venues. This court ruling is a very bad bet.

"September 29 when Mississippi State plays Florida, I'm going to be there with a bunch of alumni from both sides", said Mark Giancini.

Bonacic has a bill that would allow mobile betting - something the 2013 law doesn't allow - but only after a user registers at one of the casinos in person. He said he used to bet regularly on college football and being able to do it at a tribal casino less than an hour from his home beats traveling to Nevada. "Everyone wants to win when the whole world is watching".

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