NY to sue OxyContin maker over opioid crisis

Texas, 5 other states sue Purdue Pharma, alleging deception that led to opioid overdose deaths

Tennessee Attorney General sues Purdue Pharma – Investigations of other opioid manufacturers and distributors

This February, Paxton joined U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other attorney generals from across the country to discuss federal action against opioid manufacturers.

"What these manufactures and distributors did is they didn't just negligently put opioid out in the market place, what they were doing is they defrauded doctors telling them that opioids were not addictive".

Stenehjem is standing by his three prong approach to fight with the epidemic with education, law enforcement intervention and recovery resources, it's something those who deal with addiction daily can back.

"Through its deceptive marketing, Purdue Pharma helped to create and fuel an overprescription crisis that contributed to this epidemic in North Carolina", Stein alleged during a Tuesday press conference.

- The State of Texas has filed a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma over their marketing practices of opioid painkillers.

For him, one thing is clear.

"As Purdue enriched itself on opioid sales, worth billions of dollars annually, Texans and others across the nation have paid a heavy price".

Evans says another lawsuit, filed by a number of states and communities, and bundled into a large case that's now under the jurisdiction of a federal judge in OH, will be tried in 2019.

Amid frustration among state lawmakers that Utah is moving too slowly on opioid litigation, the attorney general's office told a legislative committee Wednesday it would sue Big Pharma by the end of the month.

NY joins six other states in suing Purdue - Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Tennessee and Texas - for its manufacture of the drug OxyContin. Laxalt's office has filed suit against any other pharmaceutical companies.

NY will sue a leading opioid manufacturer for allegedly encouraging physicians to prescribe its painkillers - then profiting off the patients who got hooked on the drugs, officials said Wednesday.

Company spokesman Bob Josephson said in an email statement that the lawsuits followed months of negotiations with state officials to address the opioid crisis. First, they need to send a letter notifying the company the state is going to file a lawsuit, says chief criminal deputy Spencer Austin.

Several Texas cities and counties have already taken action against opioid-makers, and some Democrats say Paxton is only belatedly taking an interest.

Hundreds of lawsuits from cities, counties, tribes and other health industry stakeholders have been consolidated in Cleveland under Judge Dan Polster. The suit, led by Dallas attorney Jeff Simon and Tyler lawyer Jack Walker, is set to be fought over similar ground as the state's case.

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