The Royal Wedding Drama Around Meghan Markle's Dad, Explained

Meghan had hoped her dad would be with her during this huge life moment

Meghan had hoped her dad would be with her during this huge life moment

Markle also said that he thought the pictures were "stupid", according to TMZ, and made a decision to skip the wedding as he didn't want to embarrass Meghan or the royal family any further. Plenty of other action in Windsor - including the arrival of celebrity guests, the first glimpse of the bride in her dress and other pre-ceremony hoopla - will take place hours earlier.

TMZ said the father had a change of heart over the weekend after the British press reported he was paid to pose for photos that showed him getting measured for his wedding suit and making other preparations.

The news of Thomas' surgery comes after the father-of-three told TMZ that he was determined to be there for his daughter after Meghan sent him a heartfelt text. But on Wednesday morning Thomas told the website that he needed to have a heart operation to clear a blockage and fit a stent meaning he's unable to travel. People confirmed that Thomas Markle would meet Prince Harry for the first time when he arrived in the United Kingdom a week before the ceremony.

"I think Meghan leans on her quite heavily for advice, both to do with style but planning as well", Nicholl said. He also claimed to have had a heart attack in the past few days.

He scoffed at rumors that the queen was angry at him, saying he doubts that she is thinking about the incident at all. "But clearly the priority should be whether or not it's safe for him to do that".

Staging the photos was meant to counter the way he had been "so unfairly presented in the media as being sort of shabby".

Before Markle Sr admitted to staging the paparazzi shots, Buckingham Palace released a statement telling the media to back off.

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Jeremy Corbyn will not watch the royal wedding live as he is speaking at an economics conference, a spokesman has said.

But the comments on Samantha Markle's explosive interview suggested that, if the "royal romance" is a PR sham, it's a very good one, because they were overwhelmingly supportive of Meghan Markle.

With the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just days away, many admirers around the world have developed a keen interest in the British crown.

U.S. actress Markle, 36, grew up in Los Angeles and remains close with her parents, who divorced three decades ago.

Thomas Markle, 73, is a retired Hollywood cinematographer who lives in Mexico and is divorced from Markle's mother.

His absence has broached the question: who will walk Meghan down the aisle?

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