BJP poaching Congress, JD(S) MLAs, claims Congress

Amit Shah and HD Kumaraswamy

Amit Shah and HD Kumaraswamy

The BJP is claiming that some MLAs from the Congress and the JD (S) are on its side, and the Congress and JD (S) are making counter claims that some BJP MLAs are in contact with them. When a new assembly is elected, but the vote for the speaker or deputy speaker has not taken place, the pro-tem speaker ins chosen.

The governor plays a similar role in the states. The Congress then claimed that the Goa governor's decision was biased since she was a retired BJP politician who wanted to give her erstwhile colleagues the first-mover opportunity of consolidating their position. Even if the support of the two independent MLAs are discounted, it is clear that the post-poll alliance has crossed the halfway mark. The party has also managed to substantially improve its seat count and vote share from the 2013 assembly election. According to media reports, as the results came in, Opposition leaders like Mamata Banerjee, Sitaram Yechury, K Chandrasekhar Rao and Mayawati dialled JD (S) patriarch HD Deve Gowda asking him to remain committed to the secular cause and stay away from joining hands with the BJP. "A lot of MLAs are upset with the "unethical marriage of convenience" between the Congress and the JD (S)".

"We have submitted the necessary documents which show that we have the numbers required to form the government". The Congress-JD (S) pitch is seen by the BJP crowd, and those with short memory, as a cynical and dishonest attempt to grab power even after voters have expressed their disapproval of Siddaramaiah's track-record. "If the BJP indulges in horse trading I will not sit quiet". In 2007, he was in the Chief Ministerial gaadi for seven days. The constitution bench of the Supreme Court has given its ruling a few times on who the Governor can invite to form government in a state. In case of a hung assembly, governor has to call all the parties staking claim to prove their majority in the House.

Constitutional expert Subhash Kashyap told ANI that Governor has "complete power" to appoint the Chief Minister. He had done this in Manipur, Goa and Meghalaya, where the BJP had formed the government despite the party not having the numbers. Indian television channels reported that Congress was planning to approach the Supreme Court late in the night to challenge the governor's decision.

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In 1996 parliamentary elections, BJP with 161 seats, made phenomenal gains.

The BJP fielded candidates linked to the corruption-hit mining industry that led to a scandal when the party was last in government, centred on the Reddy brothers, one of whom was a BJP minister.

Kumaraswamy named Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah for the offer as the BJP, he said, was desperate to form a government and deny the JD-S a chance to form a government. This move reflects on Congress' leadership, especially on Rahul. As chief minister, Modi gave Vala the most important portfolios - finance, revenue, employment and labor. I have informed the same to the Chief Secretary.

Analysts have highlighted the personal role of Modi in swaying the Karnataka electorate and taking the BJP to the verge of a historic swing.

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