Black Ops 4 Won't have a Single Player Campaign

Black Ops 4 Won't have a Single Player Campaign

Black Ops 4 Won't have a Single Player Campaign

"Black Ops 4" gets rid of all of that for a more grounded experience that longtime fans will be more accustomed to.

From multiplayer training modes, to the coveted new installment in Zombies, to the kitchen-sink battle royale option, Black Ops 4 (due October 12 for PS4, Xbox One and PC) is taking a deep dive into what fans enjoy about the Call of Duty franchise, from both gameplay and continuity standpoints. Recent "Call of Duty" campaigns have featured performance-captured celebrity talent from the likes of Kevin Spacey and Christopher Meloni, which probably drove up the games' budgets. The biggest questions is would you even play a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 campaign if it was included. Treyarch explained how this was yet another tool players could utilize for strategic purposes since they could either aggressively run at players or choose to sit back and play more methodically. The air part is perhaps the most interesting as existing Battle Royale titles have avoided air vehicles beyond parachutes due to how they impact performance and gameplay.

But performance aside, Treyarch has managed to balance the gameplay into something more intense with Black Ops 4. This reminds me of how insane I thought that JFK zombie map was in the original Black Ops, which is certainly a good sign. Players will be powerful alone, but devastating as a team working together.

"We're bringing to bear 10 years worth of Black Ops features". Treyarch is also promising to make Zombies more versatile than ever, with new modes and "Custom Mutations" that will let you tweak how you play.

In the first of three trailers for the new mode, our heroes take on a hoard of zombies in a gladiatorial arena. Is Black Ops 4 doing a battle royale mode?

Solo players can take on maps using AI bot partners, and a mode called Zombie Rush was announced but not detailed.

Fortnite and PUBG are two of the most successful Battle Royale games where 100 players try to survive and come out on top.

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While multiplayer modes represent an overwhelming majority of the hours spent on previous Call of Duty games, the single-player campaigns have their devoted fans as well.

In a bold break from the norm, this zombies mode will also see players ditch the guns in favour of older weapons with one map showing the players facing off against the zombie horde in a Roman-style coliseum.

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Similarly to Destiny 2, the PC version will be accessible through Blizzard Entertainment's client. There's also a Black Ops stamp system to validate the work that's been done.

Dedicated PC Development - Treyarch is working closely with Beenox to develop Black Ops IIII for PC, featuring an uncapped frame-rate, 4k resolution and HDR, and support for ultra-wide monitors.

It also introduces a new manual health system that you must strategically employ: choose when to regenerate your health as it recharges on a cooldown.

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