Schumer: Trump was ‘played’ by Chinese president

Schumer: Trump was ‘played’ by Chinese president

Schumer: Trump was ‘played’ by Chinese president

President Donald Trump's administration is working on details of a deal with the Chinese, and may lift a ban on US companies selling hardware and software to Chinese corporate ZTE if it works out, the Wall Street Journal reported late on Monday. So rather than taking the time to learn about our actual complaints regarding China's trade policy (primarily, intellectual property theft), or how we could deal with them (through multilateral pressure, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership that Trump killed), Trump fixated on deficits.

In a separate statement released by the White House, Trump said he had "instructed" Ross to "consider" kicking off the probe.

The Dow Jones index dropped 179 points, or 0.7 per cent, to 24,834, and the Nasdaq fell 0.2 per cent.

"We can do a 301, where we dont need China, where we can just say, Look, this is what we want. this is what we think is fair". Despite reporting in The Wall Street Journal stating that Trump had reached a deal with China to revive ZTE, the president is now pushing back on those claims, saying that his administration has yet to come to an agreement. In return, the Chinese government agreed to cut auto tariffs.

China now restricts foreign auto firms to a maximum 50 percent ownership of joint ventures with local companies. China announced a $3 billion list of USA goods including pork, apples and steel pipe on Friday that it said may be hit with higher tariffs.

Senator Marco Rubio claims the Trump administration "surrendered" to China, adding that he will push Congress to block any possible deal between ZTE and the USA with "veto-proof" congressional action.

The Trump administration and China have reportedly come to an agreement that would allow United States firms to sell crucial components to Chinese telecoms giant ZTE. The Pentagon previously banned the phones on military bases because of security concerns, namely that the phones could be used for spying by the Chinese government.

The second person said China might also eliminate tariffs on US agriculture products it assessed in response to USA steel duties, and that ZTE could still be forced to replace its leadership, among other penalties. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., to limit President Donald Trump's ability to remove sanctions on any Chinese telecommunications company.

However, US lawmakers from both political parties worked to block the President from easing penalties on ZTE. "Right now we're in a good talking stage and we're moving forward".

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O'Sullivan said the European Union was willing to talk to the USA about a deal to reduce industrial tariffs, especially in autos, and to liberalize government contracts - but not until Washington drops the metals tariffs. But Trump said on Tuesday that he had agreed to re-examine the matter as a personal favour to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Members of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services, before which Mnuchin testified Tuesday, tried to ask him more about the specifics of the China arrangement, but he deferred to the Commerce Department, led by Secretary Wilbur Ross, who he said had taken the lead on the talks.

He did not confirm that a deal was in the works.

"In this latest consultation, both China and the US demonstrated the responsibility of major stakeholders", Xiaoming stated.

Mr Trump has suggested North Korea's shift was due to Chinese influence, linking the two sets of talks. "There is no deal".

Alongside the letter, the Senate Banking Committee has also approved an amendment to a bill that would give regulators more authority to block foreign investment in the United States, effectively blocking Trump's ability to ease sanctions on ZTE.

Some in the USA government and business community have said they opposed what they saw as a clear-cut legal case against ZTE being used as a bargaining chip in the broader trade conflict.

"There is no deal", Trump said flatly on Tuesday, seemingly rejecting comments by his own top economic officials who suggested the USA and China were on the cusp of an agreement to reduce the US' trade deficit with China.

The terms he described were identical to deal described in the newspaper report. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer echoed his Republican colleague Senator Rubio on Twitter.

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