Stacey Abrams Could Be the First Black Woman Gov.

Stacey Abrams Could Be the First Black Woman Gov.

Stacey Abrams Could Be the First Black Woman Gov.

In Georgia, lawmaker Stacey Abrams became first black woman in country to hold a major party's nomination for. Following the announcement of Abrams' win, Evans was quick to support the new Democratic candidate, stating that Georgia must "find a unified voice to rally against Trump".

White men, regardless of their educational background or economic status, are the least likely to vote for an African-American candidate and most assuredly, not a black woman. But the two requests are ones that, considering the funder's secretive reputation, raise even more questions about the New Georgia Project, which has been criticized for its lack of transparency and its failure to live up to its expectations. A third of Georgia - a third of rural Georgia is African-American. "As a mother, a businesswoman and social justice activist, we need more people with her life experience serving in Congress". And the win shows the Democratic base is ready for a break with centrism in favor of bold, leftist politics. Gantt lost twice to racially saturated Helms campaigns in the 1990s.

And previous year, when Alabama was poised to send the former state Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore to the U.S. Senate, black women stopped it with the power of their vote.

Lupe Valdez will aim to unseat heavily favored incumbent Greg Abbott, who's running for reelection as governor of Texas. Wilder was not (and still is not) easy to typecast ideologically; he ran for governor on an anti-crime and fiscal-responsibility platform.

Abrams easily defeated her more moderate Democratic rival, Stacey Evans.

Stacey Abrams Could Be the First Black Woman Gov.
Stacey Abrams Could Be the First Black Woman Gov.

In recent primaries in Pennsylvania, candidates backed by the Democratic Socialists of America won big in state races.

You see the pattern. African-American women have emerged as a solid bloc of reliable voters for the Democratic candidates they favor. As the parties have continued to polarize, that path has become less viable than ever.

That translated to a difference of a little over 50,000 voters between Democrats and Republicans in this primary compared to hundreds of thousands in previous years. The election was demonstrative of general USA contention regarding the newly Republican-run nation. But the numbers show a big leap for the Democrats, whose share of primary ballots in contests for governor hasn't exceeded 36 percent since 2010. "There are still probably more Republicans than there are Democrats in this state but her decisive victory last night does help to dispel some ideas that she can't attract white support in particular". It worked in Virginia state elections last November (where the chamber in the capital of the confederacy was one vote shy of a Democratic majority - the largest turnover in seats in the state legislature in several generations), and it worked in a number of southern cities in the south enjoying Black progressive leadership, including Atlanta. She'll face incumbent Greg Abbott in a tough uphill slog.

Abrams' Republican opponent will be chosen in a July 24th run-off election between Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and Secretary of State Brian Kemp.

"What do you say to those who say you are being propped up by liberal Democrats outside of your own state?"

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