Battlefield V’s Playable, Female Characters Are Here To Stay


Battlefield V Announced with October 19 Launch

I mean sure, the amputee in question certainly shouldn't have returned to active duty, but are you honestly telling me that a videogame that involves a well-established resurrection system can't feature soldiers who are making do despite severe injury?

This form of gameplay could be far more intense than past games, but that could be a draw for longtime fans.

Mind you, this isn't Battle Royale set in World War II. One of the more interesting points of contention revolves around the female soldier in the trailer.

This offers a much more hard level of game play that is unparalleled - and very welcomed from gamers. This is because players will be spending most of their multiplayer time in squads.

The multiplayer modes will allow the players to lead their own customized Company to victory in a dynamic multiplayer experience. As reported by Gamespot at the time, he said: "We're very respectful and complimentary of what they've been able to do".

As well as its new historical setting, Battlefield 5 is brimming with new features and tweaked gameplay elements. The downside is that fortifications cost resources, so DICE is hinting at players to play tactically with what they fortify. It's an experience where you and your group will be deployed behind the enemy lines as a group of paratroopers with a mission to accomplish while being undetected. This has the potential to create a high stakes winner-takes-all scenario rarely experienced in first person shooters. The game's publisher, Electronic Arts (EA), also unveiled more details about the upcoming game including many people's concerns about microtransactions and loot boxes.

Ok, but Battlefield has always been wildly inaccurate depiction of both the technical and historical, so why is the line suddenly being called in to question now and with this addition? Battlefield V is now set for a release on the 19th of October.

The Battlefield V single-player campaign follows the same format of Battlefield 1. Thus, there is still doubt about whether this mode will be implemented in the future.

DICE confirmed that Tide of War is a "new approach to live" services for the game.

Another popular perk of the game is their discontinuation of a premium or season pass. The first of these major DLC updates, titled Tides of War, will introduce new sides, weapons and maps on a set schedule.

"Women did fight in World War II, from the air force units known as the "Night Witches", to secret agents like Nancy Wake".

Those buying the Deluxe Edition of the game will have a number of extras, one of which is Airlifts. A full demo of the gameplays multiplayer will be shown at E3 as well, during EA's Play Event. Leave your comments below.

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