Ireland overturns abortion ban in landslide vote

Ireland overturns abortion ban in landslide vote

Ireland overturns abortion ban in landslide vote

When Ireland had its historic referendum on same-sex marriage, the turnout hovered at around 60 percent.

The Irish Prime Minister on Saturday praised the apparent vote for overturning an abortion ban in his largely Catholic country as "the culmination of a quiet revolution".

Ireland has voted by 66.4% to 33.6% in favour of changing its strict abortion laws. "I think what we've seen today, really, a combination of a quiet revolution that's been taking place in Ireland for the past 10-20 years".

While Bellamak says that's good news, the difference between Ireland and New Zealand is that Ireland went "straight to the people" while here it would be a conscience vote in Parliament.

"The fact that the result is so clear that is a more than 2-1 in favour, will make it much easier to get the legislation through the Dail (Irish lower house)", Mr Varadkar said.

It was a scene of jubilation as some supporters burst into tears. "And that indicates to me that we are a country that is not divided".

Emma Gallagher, 22, began crying as she heard the final results.

"I would not have missed it for the world", she added. "It felt for a long time women didn't matter".

Rape, incest and fatal foetal abnormalities are not circumstances in which they can be performed legally.

The way this actually comes into law is via bringing legislation before the Dáil.

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Although Irish women have been unhappy with the amendment since it was first introduced, it would take almost 25 years for it to be overturned.

Thousands of Irish working overseas returned to Ireland to cast their vote. Lawmakers who campaigned for a "No" vote said they would not seek to block the government's plans to allow abortions with no restriction up to 12 weeks into a pregnancy. Paper ballots must be counted and tallied. "We will look back at this moment in history as being a very gray one. We're not a backward country any more, the way the church would have had us thinking".

"This campaign does not end with the referendum, but when the government properly supports the mother and child", the Pro Life Campaign said.

Legal abortion will likely continue to be a contentious topic in Ireland, as it is in the US. He gave his word on this, now he must deliver on it. The once conservative nation voted "yes" to repeal a constitutional ban on abortion.

Another said: "I'm so deeply sorry that you had to suffer".

The death of an Indian dentist ignited the abortion rights campaign in Ireland. But in 2012, a woman named Savita Halappanavar died in an Irish hospital after she was denied an abortion.

Exit polls showed repeal voters, known as "Yes voters", winning by a margin of over two to one.

If the "yes" forces seeking a constitutional change prevail as the polls suggest, Ireland's parliament will be charged with coming up with new abortion laws.

If the expected landslide in the Republic is confirmed, Northern Ireland will soon become the only part of Britain and Ireland where terminations are all but outlawed.

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