ACLU Campaign Seeks to End Immigration Policy 'Child Abuse'

Trump administration will fingerprint child migrants parents

ACLU Campaign Seeks to End Immigration Policy 'Child Abuse'

Statements released on Monday by the white house spokesman, Hogan Gidley seemingly deliberately avoided the controversy surrounding the law by stating that the law was categorical in helping contain the issue of illegal immigrants.

The latest figures do not distinguish between minors who arrive without a parent and those who are separated from their mothers and fathers after they cross the border. They go back to the administration of President George W. Bush.

Before the Trump administration, immigrants entering illegally as families were rarely prosecuted, said Sarah Pierce, an associate policy analyst of the U.S. Immigration Program at the Migration Policy Institute.

Trump administration officials have also spoken about the policy as a deterrent to illegal immigration. There's a lot happening at the southern border.

In most every year tracked except for last year, crossings tend to trend upwards in the spring, as weather for the journey improves.

They rushed to delete their tweets once confronted with the fact that the photo was taken in 2014, when Obama was president. It is hard to track exactly when it started because the federal government is not being honest about it. "If you smuggle illegal aliens across our border, then we will prosecute you". Hearings can take months or years to proceed. Activists who shared the Obama-era photos, intending to shame Trump, include Shaun King and Linda Sarsour.

Schools aren't even supposed to ask about legal status, require paperwork that could divulge that status or otherwise deter immigrant families from registering children for classes.

The children are considered unaccompanied minors.

In the past, that information was largely walled off for the purposes of immigration enforcement while the sponsors were vetted by HHS, out of a concern that Homeland Security's involvement could have a "chilling effect" on parents living in the country illegally and discourage them from claiming the kids.

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In the report, the ACLU alleges that immigrant children have "reported physical and psychological abuse, unsanitary and inhumane living conditions...and denial of access to legal and medical services". Under the Obama administration, says John Sandweg, a former acting director of America's immigration police, "the overarching goal was family unity...even if we were enforcing the law against them". If an immigrant tells an officer at the border that they fear persecution, they are given a "credible fear" test to determine if they may have a claim.

In 2016, more than 20 percent of those who crossed the border illegally faced criminal charges, according to Homeland Security data. A lot of them have been positioned with sponsors who themselves are in the USA illegally, so it might be logical for them to not reply a voluntary name from a federal company checking up on their cost.

The Flores agreement is one of several "loopholes" Miller said he would like to see eliminated by Congress.

The issue again raises the question of whether Trump's determination to stiffen immigration laws conflicts with the nation's fundamental values - and a wider humanitarian duty to protect children. But the Department of Homeland Security said last month that the practice is not a deterrence mechanism and is done to protect minor children's "best interests" if the department can not confirm a parental relationship or if they think the child is otherwise in danger.

That is why you are seeing GOP members in Congress committing the ultimate transgression and going around their Republican leadership to force a vote on DACA that would pass with majority Democratic votes.

Last month, an official from DHS admitted that the agency could not account for almost 1,500 unaccompanied minors (note: not children who came with their parents per se) who arrived at the border, almost 19% of the minors in their custody. Until those factors are improved, a Migration Policy Institute study concluded, flows to the United States north to the border will continue.

It is true that Democrats have been united in opposing most of the administration's immigration efforts, but they are not alone in rejecting some of the proposals.

And, contrary to what Trump wants us to believe, there are fewer violent crimes committed by undocumented migrants than by native Americans.

"This speaks to any mom and any dad across party lines, and that's powerful ... we hope that it opens the minds and hearts of people who have remained silent and inactive when it comes to immigration", Gallardo said.

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