Roseanne Barr blames sleep aid Ambien for racist tweet


Roseanne Barr blames sleep aid Ambien for racist tweet

United States president Donald Trump has weighed in on the Roseanne Barr debate.

The network canceled the show, referring to her tweet about Jarrett being the product of "muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes [having] a baby" as "abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with [their] values".

However, while Roseanne wasn't retweeting conspiracy theories that tried to explain why her show as cancelled - aside from the fact it was due to the racist tweet she posted as ABC said - she was slamming her (former) co-stars for "throwing her under the bus".

"I wasn't gonna get an Emmy anyway", Goodman said in a video Wednesday, which was obtained by ET.

Arnold, who has a TV show on Viceland called "The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold", faulted ABC for failing to keep Barr away from social media. "Please take a breath and remember that mental health issues are real".

Walt Disney Co's ABC network on Tuesday cancelled her popular U.S. television comedy Roseanne after her tweet.

The company's response followed Barr's unusual explanation of the early Tuesday Twitter rant that got her show cancelled as a awful Ambien-fueled mistake.

Roseanne Barr has said she's sick of copping abuse after apologising over a racist joke. Over the years, Barr often used her platform to champion for women's rights, and she advocated for laws that would diminish racial profiling when she was vying for a spot on the presidential ballot in 2015.

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ABC made a decision to cancel "Rosanne" on Tuesday and then suspended its "For Your Consideration" Emmy campaign the following day.

Barr originally said she did something "unforgivable", "egregious" and "indefensible", before suggesting the tweets were a result of taking sleeping pills.

"While we believe viewers have always distinguished the personal behavior of the actress Roseanne Barr from the television character Roseanne Connor, we are disgusted by Barr's comments this week. Guys I did something unforgivable".

ABC and Disney had taken notable steps to be more inclusive in its entertainment, and Dungey is the first black to be entertainment president of a major broadcast network.

Jarrett, who said she was "fine" after the slur, urged in an MSNBC special Tuesday about racism that the incident become a teaching moment.

The original "Roseanne" ran from 1988 to 1997, featuring a blue-collar family, the Conners, with overweight parents struggling to get by.

The show scored huge ratings and was renewed for an 11th season after largely positive reviews - including from the president. He said he was especially disappointed because the show embraced inclusivity.

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