SESSIONS UNDER FIRE: Trump Says He 'WISHES' He Picked A Different AG

ImagePresident Trump’s promotion of elaborate unproven theories is having a distinct

ImagePresident Trump’s promotion of elaborate unproven theories is having a distinct

Amid news that President Donald Trump asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to rethink his decision to step back from the Russian Federation investigation, MSNBC political analyst Jason Johnson argued that the former Alabama senator would never turn on the president. I'm not denying the possibility that a president could, in the course of making a request of officials in his government, commit a crime.

He added, "There are lots of really good lawyers in the country".

"Spygate - that's the reason - he's not just ratcheted it up for no reason", Giuliani said. "The president would have every right to ask him to unrecuse himself".

Trump has repeatedly expressed his resentment at Sessions. Would you please raise your hand?... Trump, according to The New York Times, has said he needs an attorney general to protect him. Trump was confronted about the claim and said he saw it on television. "He offered it to me", Giuliani said. If Trump has considered firing Sessions during the past year, he likely has taken into account the possibility that Mueller would seize on this decision as part of an obstruction of justice case.

"The folks who have seen the information have the same perspective", Gowdy said.

In his Wednesday interview with CBS, Gowdy again said the FBI acted properly in its investigation.

Comey has been criticized for public statements in 2016 on the FBI investigation into Clinton's use of a private email server that some, including Clinton, claim influenced the presidential election outcome.

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There is no evidence that the informant, former University of Cambridge professor Stefan Halper, was inserted into the campaign, but he did seek out and meet several Trump campaign advisers.

At least some of Mr. Trump's lawyers, however, would admit this is unwise and politically hazardous. Cohen's business associate has plead guilty to charges and his cooperating with Department of Justice prosecutors.

Those facts notwithstanding, Giuliani said Mueller's investigation has failed to find anything of importance and should be ended quickly.

"I don't believe they are going to agree to limit it to two things". "I've never heard the term "spy" used".

Giuliani, though, remained unpersuaded, saying, "Trey wasn't the one who was spied on".

Gowdy also told CBS that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had no choice but to "run out a lead" that someone connected with Trump's 2016 campaign was making claims about Russian Federation contacts, and it had an "obligation" to investigate any allegations.

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