Apple to unveil new iPhone, iPad and Mac features live

Apple put a big focus on speed with iOS 12, making it faster to load apps and take photos.

The star of the show is likely to be iOS 12, the new version of the software which powers iPhone and iPad. But it has faced some criticism from shareholders, and it is expected this week to announce more robust parental controls and usage-tracking features for the iPhone. You'll even get suggestions on memories to look at photos from years ago.

Better yet, it syncs across your other iOS devices, so you can't cheat that way.

As part of that, everything that supports iOS 11 will support iOS 12. That most certainly is the case here as iOS 12 is mostly about improving the user-experience. The company also brought on stage executives from Adobe, who announced support for USDZ throughout its Creative Cloud. Designed in collaboration with Pixar, a new open file format, usdz, makes it easy to experience AR almost anywhere in iOS, including apps like Messages, Safari, Mail, Files and News, delivering powerful graphics and animation features. It didn't catch on, and Apple has scaled back its advertising ambitions since then to focus on ads in its App Store.

The new search functionality will use image recognition to find or group photos by recognising events, actions, and genres. You can now also group notifications with iOS 12. Yes.

A new Shortcuts app will also allow users to make their own Siri shortcuts to multiple apps.

An example is saying "where are my keys" to have an app open which locates your vehicle keys.

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Apple is calling the app Screen Time, and it will let parents set time limits on how long their children can use apps, from Netflix to Snapchat, said Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering. The reports suggests that at some point Apple is planning on overhauling the traditional app grid, CarPlay interface, Mail app, and photography and camera software. Even if you have an iPhone SE or iPhone 5s, you'll be getting iOS 12 too.

While no new major gadgets will be previewed or launched at this week's five-day conference, that doesn't mean Apple is falling behind when it comes to new products. Stocks has also had a minor overhaul, bringing news stories within the app and squiggly line charts that show how a stock has performed during a day.

Clicking on a certain stock will open a more in-depth analysis of the stocks performance, including after-hours pricing - something missing from the current version.

The Voice Memo and iBooks apps have received big updates as well. iBooks has been renamed to Apple Books and the UI gets a big overhaul in iOS 12.

But, more importantly, grouped notifications are happening. It'll tell you how often you pick up your phone, which apps send you the most notifications and so on. Simply click the link below to go to the event page and watch. Do Not Disturb also sees the arrival of a number of new options including tweakable snooze times.

When will iOS 12 come out?

Lord help us all. A new design makes it easier to capture, share and edit recordings.

Aside from new Animoji and Memoji, the Messages app gets some other cool new features as well.

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