Kathleen Wynne concedes she will not be Ontario's Premier after June 7

PC Leader Doug Ford NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and Liberals Leader Kathleen Wynne. GETTY IMAGES

PC Leader Doug Ford NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and Liberals Leader Kathleen Wynne. GETTY IMAGES

With the election roughly a week away, Wynne travelled to the heart of her NDP rival's riding on Wednesday to portray herself as the only seasoned stateswoman in the campaign capable of rising above the ideological fray.

There was a time when voting was legal just for men.

Horwath's voting pitch - typically seen as Ontario and federal elections move into their final stretches - comes as polls suggest either she or Ford will become Ontario's next premier.

With her party effectively tied with the Tories in most polls and the Liberals unlikely to form government, Ms. Horwath said that Ontarians still deserve an explanation of what happened. For the adult daughter who does all she can to care for her aging parents while she also scrambles to find safe, affordable child care for her own toddler.

"And the polluters, any companies that decide to pollute, we're going to come down heavy on them, we're going to come down really heavy on them".

Ms. Horwath sent a letter to Ontario's Integrity Commissioner on Friday morning, asking the office to probe the findings of The Globe's investigation. "The falling off of Ford's support is just becoming clear".

There's only five more days until Election Day. "What's worrisome is we have a leader who's trying to take the chair of the premier in this province and he's not being honest with people".

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Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath visited the campaign office of London North Centre candidate Judy Bryant in London, Ont. on Friday May 16, 2014.

Repealing cap and trade would likely cost Ontario between $2 billion and $4 billion, according to a leading environmental lawyer, while most constitutional experts say a fight against Ottawa on carbon pricing is likely doomed. The Progressive Conservatives, under Leader Doug Ford and his predecessor, Patrick Brown, have been dogged by nomination troubles for almost a year.

"I mean, it must have been a very hard for her to talk about [how] there will be a new government on June 7". Because, as I've said, it's not about me. That's because an NDP victory would make the NDP a more credible "progressive alternative" in future elections.

Peter Graefe, a political science associate professor at McMaster University, said the anti-Tory coalescing appears to have started in the Ontario campaign much earlier than usual.

"Kathleen Wynne has abandoned the fight against Doug Ford cuts".

Wynne said she made Saturday's announcement because it would free up voters to think strategically, riding by riding. "They're hoping they can salvage (the party).it's about saying to people: don't abandon us". I'm the working people.

I knew there was a chance that I would end up in the opposition because, after 15 years, it's normal that there'd be a changing of the guard.

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