Apple is bringing the best of iOS to macOS

Apple is bringing the best of iOS to macOS

Apple is bringing the best of iOS to macOS

We've learned all about the new macOS Mojave this morning at WWDC 2018.

A set of new screenshots and video - tweeted out into the public domain by developer Steven Troughton-Smith - shows Apple's upcoming macOS 10.14 operating system, giving us an insight into a new dark mode, as well as the existence of a stock Apple News app for Mac.

Following this, Apple introduced several upgrades to its WatchOS, including a new app "Walkie Talkie". For instance, photos can be gathered in a single stack on the desktop rather than littered throughout that home screen. -Apple App Store to touch $100 billion. New characters have also been added - Ghost, Koala, Tiger, T.Rex.

And here's everything coming with macOS Mojave later this year. The Apple Watch will also support the feature but will be audio-only. Now, the feature is being revamped to make a system-wide change.

Access to the beta and availability: The developer preview of macOS Mojave is available to Apple Developer Program members at from today.

From the screenshots shared during the keynote, Home and Voice Memos on Mojave appear to be nearly identical to their counterparts on iOS in terms of functionality with layout adjustments to accommodate the Mac's windowed environment. Other features borrowed from the iOS App Store include large screenshots and video previews, resulting in a much better browsing and app discovery experience.

ARKit 2 was also announced along with some new privacy and security features.

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Don't get too excited quite yet, though.

Like Apple had recently overhauled the iOS App Store, the firm has brought the same design and editorial-focused aesthetic and theme to the Mac App Store.

Working in front of a computer all day seven days a week, I am a big fan of dark themes like YouTube's dark mode.

The inclusion of Home app and HomeKit support in macOS Mojave is a godsend feature which I'm sure many will rally behind when it's released to everyone later this year. However, installing the apps through the Mac App Store will give Mac users one place to manage updates and install Office 365 alongside all of their other apps.

Until then, you can check out Apple's website for an overview of all of the macOS Mojave features.

Apple has also made some improvements to its Photos app which now comes with an improved search, photo recognition, search suggestions which highlights key moments and people that are important to you. An emphatic "No" dropped onto the massive screen behind Federighi in dramatic fashion.

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