Fashion designer Kate Spade found dead at 55

Fashion designer Kate Spade found dead at 55

Fashion designer Kate Spade found dead at 55 estimated her net worth at $200 million. Her brightly colored, clean-lined style offered a spunky take on fashion at time when luxury handbags were out of reach to most consumers, and the industry was dominated by venerable European brands. Her line started with just six different handbags, and found enough customers that Spade opened her first NY store in 1996. Together the couple have one child, Frances Beatrix Spade, born in February 2005.

Brosnahan, known for her role in "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" and "House of Cards", is Spade's niece.

The renowned New York-based designer was found by her housekeeper in what authorities are calling a suicide, The Associated Press reports.

Kate Spade launched her namesake brand in 1993, a year before she married her husband.

Over the past two and a half decades, Spade's line evolved to include several products ranging from shoes and accessories to stationary. You couldn't walk into her boutiques and not smile. It is believed that the two made the majority of their money at this time.

The Spades stepped away from their business after selling it to Liz Claiborne, Inc., now called Kate Spade & Company.

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Since opening her first store in 1996, Kate Spade became an iconic fashion designer known for her sleek and colorful handbags. The company later expanded to sell clothing, accessories and household items. In 2017 Spade sold the label to Coach for $2.4 billion.

"You owe so much responsibility to the company that you can't even imagine". "My current wallet, covered in bees, makes me smile every time I see it- it's by Kate Spade".

"Under the terms of the deal..."

She and her husband then set up another design venture, Frances Valentine, named after their daughter.

She and her husband had a daughter. "I bought this orange Prada coat and everyone looked at me like "Are you joking, who would ever wear that" and I go 'I will". and when I wear it everyone says I love it, ' she said.

In one of her last interviews back in 2016 with The Cut - part of the New York Magazine - Kate opened up about running her own business.

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