Korean Official Plan Summit as Lavrov Meets Kim

Korean Official Plan Summit as Lavrov Meets Kim

Korean Official Plan Summit as Lavrov Meets Kim

"The media said oh, you had a meeting and you canceled", Trump told the press.

Trump cautioned on Thursday that while he hopes a planned summit in Singapore on June 12 between the USA and North Korea is still in the cards, he wants it to be a "meaningful" meeting.

The two nations have maintained warm ties for decades as they were both put under global sanctions; North Korea over its nuclear weapons and Syria over its civil war.

In a report published on Friday, The Washington Post said USA officials were apparently looking for answers to that question, shedding new light on the practical and diplomatic implications of planning what will be a first-ever meeting for the two leaders.

Over the past week, Washington and Pyongyang have held a series of talks to prepare for the summit, including in Singapore and NY. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was a bit more polished in his statement Thursday after his meeting with Kim Yong Chol.

President Donald Trump on Friday talked warmly to reporters about the "very nice" and "very interesting" letter he received earlier in the day from North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un. Pompeo had travelled to Washington to meet with General Chol and have discussions on the preparations of the nuclear summit that has been scheduled for June 12.

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The BCC has reported that the KCNA quoted President Assad as saying on Wednesday: "I am going to visit [North Korea] and meet Kim Jong-un".

Meanwhile, Kim's popularity hike was less surprising due to photos and videos that went viral of him and Moon joking, hugging and even holding hands.

An aide confirmed Trump did read the letter after he spoke to reporters and then left nearly immediately for Camp David where he will prepare for the summit.

Meanwhile, at an worldwide security conference in Singapore (the location of the summit) Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that America's troop presence in South Korea is not on the table for discussion. "That's going along very well, but I want it to be meaningful".

According to South Korea's foreign ministry, North Korea established diplomatic relations with Syria in 1966, opening an embassy in Damascus.

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